IMER operates at the international forefront of the mineral, energy and resource sectors, showcasing our finest talent in large-scale research and innovation outcomes, with the capacity to pursue higher-risk, cutting-edge projects.

"We look forward to working together to benefit society and the environment, driving innovation for modern energy systems."Prof Michael Goodsite, Director, IMER - Modern Energy Systems

Transforming the heavy industrial sector to a low carbon future

Companies are invited to partner in a new proposal to the Australian Government to form a Heavy Industry Low-carbon Transition Cooperative Research Centre (HILT CRC) to expedite the decarbonisation of Australia’s heavy industrial processes and produce materials vital to the local and global economies at lower costs and in more sustainable ways.

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Building a critical mass of people and knowlege in critically important minerals

The Critical Mineral Research Centre is the go-to group for multidisciplinary research programs. It is the only one of its kind in Australia, and one of only a few worldwide. We cover end-to-end critical minerals research and education, from early prospectivity analyses to resource definition to mineral processing.


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Tectonic time-lapse: One billion years of Earth’s history in 40 seconds

It’s not often you can click play and watch deep time unspool before your eyes. Read more



Professor Alan Collins awarded the SW Carey Medal

IMER congratulates Professor Alan Collins, Department of Earth Sciences, on this well deserved recognition.



Prof Gus Nathan presents Industrial Greening for Research Tuesday

The global appetite for low-carbon construction and manufacturing materials is set to skyrocket—and here in Australia we’re uniquely placed to satisfy it. Find out more by attending the University of Adelaide’s Research Tuesday lecture entitled “Industrial Greening” presented by Professor Gus Nathan on Tuesday February 9, 2021, Braggs Lecture Theatre, North Terrace campus or via Zoom webinar.



Meteorites may have brought water to Earth in the recent past

Dr Lucy McGee from the Department of Earth Sciences at the University Adelaide is co-author on a new paper published in Science on the 8 January 2021.