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    Professor Michael Goodsite. Pro Vice-Chancellor (Energy Futures)

    Professor Michael Goodsite

    Pro Vice-Chancellor (Energy Futures), Director, Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources (ISER) and Academic Coordinator, University of Adelaide, Industry Engagement Priority for Energy, Mining and Resources

    Michael Evan Goodsite MBA, PhD, FIEAust CPEngEngExec is a Professor of civil and environmental engineering.

    He is the inaugural Director of The Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources (ISER) at the University of Adelaide. As such he reports to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President (Research). He is concurrently appointed as the Academic Coordinator of the UoA's Industry Engagement Priority for Energy, Mining & Resources and was the inaugural Chair of the UoA Sustainability Strategy Steering Committee.

    As the inaugural PVC(EF) Michael will work to position the University for a leadership role as the State and nation transition to a different energy future, including by leading large-scale funding bids.  The new role will help to co-ordinate relevant University research activities across the Faculties, as well as with strategic external research partners, and will represent the University in relation to sustainability and energy futures at all levels of Government and industry.   In addition, Professor Goodsite will lead the implementation and evolution of the University’s FAME Sustainability Strategy and have, where appropriate, oversight of the University’s sustainability initiatives on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).  

    Michael arrived at the UoA in October 2018 and has served as Head of the School of Civil, Environmental, and Mining Engineering where he created the School's "Lighthouse" research initiatives. He was then concurrently appointed as interim Head of the Australian School of Petroleum (ASP) where he was tasked with conducting a sustainability review with internal and external stakeholders which led to ASP becoming the now ASPER. He concurrently was the inaugural Director of Commercialisation for the Faculty and authored its commercialisation framework, starting its ‘Launchpad’. He then was tasked to Direct the Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources (IMER) successfully evolving the Institute after large-scale research success.

    He is a member of the UoA ALLY Network and started a mentorship program for women. He has public and private leadership and governance experience in many different countries. He is a former military officer & was Director of the US Army Cyber Counterintelligence Activity. He was chair of the ECMS In Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU) initiative, which evolved into the Andy Thomas Centre for Space Resources and Exterras Laboratory.

    He is the Bid Sponsor for the 2022 Australian National CRC Bid 'Copper For Tomorrow' and Bid Sponsor of the 2022 'Scaling Green Hydrogen' CRC Bid (and sponsored the successful 2020 HiLT CRC). He is an expert evaluator & assessor for national and international research programs and universities.

    Service includes appointments to the corps of AusIMM trusted voice ambassadors; a member of the SA Health Human Research Ethics Committee & Engineers Australia SA Leadership and Management Committee. Formal qualifications include B.Sc.C.E., M.Sc.Env.E., MBA, Ph.D. FIEAust, CPEng (Civil; Environmental; Management &Leadership), EngExec, NER, APEC Engineer, IntPE(Aus), FIUPAC, MAusIMM, MAICD.

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    Photo of Melissa Nursey Bray

    Professor Melissa Nursey-Bray

    Deputy Director, Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources (ISER)

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    Tel: +61 (0)8 8313 3497

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    Photo of Professor Christian Doonan

    Professor Christian Doonan

    South Australian State Government Future Industry Making Fellow
    Research Director of the Scaling Green Hydrogen CRC bid

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    Tel: +61 (0)8 8313 5770

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    Paula Angerstein

    Institute Manager, Institute for Sustainability, Energy Resources (ISER)

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    Tel: +61 (0)8 8313 3694

    Mob: +61 (0)479 174 486


    Laura Garcia's photo

    Laura Garcia

    Senior Administrator, Institute for Sustainability, Energy Resources (ISER)

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    Tel: +61 (0)8 8313 1448

    Mob: +61 (0)468 576 752


  • ISER Future Making Fellows

    Man in black t-shirt

    Dr Adam Abersteiner

    Future Making Fellow, Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources (ISER)

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    Research area: Critical Minerals Geoscience

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    Man in lab coat

    Dr Huanyu Jin

    Future Making Fellow, Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources (ISER)

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    Research area: Hydrogen Production

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  • ISER Titleholders

    Henrik Stiesdal

    Adjunct Professor, Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources (ISER)

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    Tel: +61 (0)8 8313 1448


    Göran Roos

    Adjunct Professor, Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources (ISER)

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    Photo of Professor Ashok Khurana

    Ashok Khurana

    Adjunct Professor, Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources (ISER)

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    Tel: +61 (0)8 8313 1448

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  • ISER Advisory Board

    The Advisory Board brings industry and government leaders with a comprehensive knowledge and experience of the mineral and energy resources sector together with internal university representatives.

    The Board offers an external perspective on the Institute's activities plus valuable insights from members of global business entities. ISER is established in accordance with the University of Adelaide's Research Centres and Research Institute framework.

    Board members

    Members of the ISER Advisory Board
    Hon. Trish White AM (Chair) Strategic Advisor, Slingsby Taylor
    Alex Blood  
    Sam Crafter CEO, Office of Hydrogen Power SA
    Fiona Hancock Director, Net Zero Centre and Climate Change and Sustainability Services, E&Y
    John O'Brien Partner, Climate & Sustainability, Deloitte Australia
    Professor Ian Overton Chief Executive, Green Industries SA
    Gavin Yeates Principal, Gavin Yeates Consulting
    Position Vacant  
    Position Vacant  
    Position Vacant  
    Professor Michael Goodsite (Ex-officio) University of Adelaide