Clean, reliable, affordable energy.

We liaise with industry partners and build research teams to develop innovative solutions for sustainable fuels, minerals processing and power.

About us

We deliver innovative technologies for a clean energy future.


Our projects and capabilities span several renewable and hybrid energy areas.


Our low carbon technologies, and how they could help industry transition to a clean energy future.

Publications and data

All our publications in one spot plus open access data for model development and validation.

HyPT Forum

The International Forum on Hydrogen Production Technologies (HyPT) 2019 will bring together leading stakeholders from around the world to compare the relative merits of alternativeCO2-free hydrogen technologies.

HiTeMP-2 Forum

Preparing for an energy and carbon-constrained future, this forum brings together companise, researchers, investors and policy makers to scope further action on decarbonising the mineral processing sector.

International Sooting Flame Workshop

A biennial forum for researchers to develop improved predictive capability of soot in flames of practical relevance through international collaboration between experimentalists and modellers.