CET has developed a wide range of low carbon technologies to help industry transition to a clean energy future. We’re developing technology to achieve four main goals: sustainable secure power, sustainable affordable fuels, sustainable minerals processing, and sustainable networks and grids.

We work closely with industry to make sure that all of our technologies are economically viable as well as technically sound – techno-economic assessments are conducted on all of our technologies through the development process.

Heliostat wind loads

Work to expand upon existing knowledge of Heliostat Wind Loads for Concentrating Solar Power.

Hybrid solar technologies

Hybrid Solar Technologies, including Hybrid Solar Thermal Chemical Looping Combustion, the Hybrid Solar Dual Bed and the Hybrid Solar Receiver Combustor.

MILD combustion

Reducing greenhouse emissions is a high priority for industry and CET is responding by investigating alternative fuels and combustion technologies.

Solar Expanding-Vortex Particle Receiver-Reactor (SEVR)

CET has patented a novel concept of a solar vortex receiver-reactor for concentrated solar thermal application.

Solar-aided power generation

CET is working to integrate solar thermal energy into coal-fired power plants to increase their efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


A biomass to fuel technology used to create energy dense biomass, which can then be used as a fuel source.

Solar gasification

Using biomass to meet the need for sustainable transportation fuels.

Hydrothermal liquefaction

Biocrude oil production from biosolids from wastewater treatment and waste biomass.

Solar photocatalysis

A breakthrough technique, developed at CET, combines two ideal virtues – carbon neutral solar energy harvesting and storage as well as reduction of atmospheric CO2.

Solar thermal for mineral processing

Sustainable Minerals Processing using solar thermal technology, including the $15M ARENA Solar Thermal for Alumina Project.

Energy storage solutions

Energy storage solutions, including those being developed under the $5.3 Million ARENA Australian Energy Storage Knowledge Bank Project.

Electric Power Systems Group

The University’s Electric Power Systems Group consults to the power industry in modelling plant and control systems, analysis of the transmission network, system design and integration of renewables into the network.