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International Sooting Flame (ISF) Workshop

International Sooting Flame (ISF) Workshop

The International Sooting Flame (ISF) Workshop is an ongoing, biennial forum (next to be held in 2020 in Adelaide, South Australia) organised by researchers, for researchers, to develop improved predictive capability of soot in flames of practical relevance through international collaboration between experimentalists and modellers. It is an open forum held immediately prior to each meeting of the International Symposium on Combustion.

The workshop sets new targets for each successive meeting, at which the performance of different models are compared against detailed measurements. Comparisons are performed in simplified flames that are carefully designed for the development and validation of numerical models, while being relevant to practical environments. Different types of flames, spanning laminar, turbulent and pressurised, are also linked together through fuel type, residence time regime and pressure, so that models can be validated in a greater range of conditions.

To participate in the forum, researchers should contact the Program Leaders for the field of greatest relevance to their research. Unlike a regular conference, data is presented by the program leaders in a consolidated manner to maximise time for discussion and learning. Delegates can also participate via posters.

The workshop addresses the coupling between the formation, oxidation and emission of soot, together with their role in radiation heat transfer, in the context of practical flames. Relevant research in all of these fields is welcome.

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