Lab scene

The CET is one of South Australia’s fastest-growing research groups working to transition our society to renewable energy. It is a platform that brings together smart, creative researchers with forward-thinking industry leaders.

At CET, we like to break down the barriers between academic research and industry adoption. We invite you to collaborate with us.

Partner with us

As part of the Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources, CET offers several opportunities to partner, from one-time contract research, to projects and long term partnerships. Our team are strategic, coordinated and well-connected.

Our business model is to attract great quality companies that want to increase their energy efficiency and to assemble teams to solve their challenges. We’ll connect you to the right people, to solve your needs in a seamless process. You get access to our experts, publications and data and facilities.

If you are considering partnering with us, check out our research and technology programs to see where our synergies lie. Talk to us if you are interested in joining, contributing to, or hearing about, one of our existing major projects.

We’ve been collaborating and engaging with industry and government over the last decade. We coordinate and manage our research capability through strategic research programs under the guidance of an industry Advisory Board of leading industry specialists drawn from across the country.

Postgraduate program

Postgraduate study

Members of the CET are internationally recognised for their leading research into clean energy technologies and practices that reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency and decrease the cost of energy.

With a wide range of facilities spanning laboratory to pilot-scale, our team of researchers are dedicated to creating a culture of research excellence and delivering significant breakthroughs in the development of innovative technologies for a clean energy future. We welcome prospective researchers to join us.

For information on admission, please read through the University of Adelaide Postgraduate Research Degrees website.