About Us

We deliver innovative technologies for sustainable, secure and affordable energy. Our goal is to help accelerate the society's transition to carbon neutrality.

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We collaborate with leading industry, government agencies and other research organisations to move us closer to this goal, drawing on our research capacity in sustainable power, fuels, networks and minerals.

CET works with industry to reduce emissions now, by retro-fitting innovative technologies to existing systems, and is also developing new carbon neutral and carbon negative technologies to replace existing heat, power and fuel production systems.

In this way, CET’s research has an immediate impact on CO2 emissions while we transition to sustainable, affordable clean energy solutions.

Our track record

  • 12 thermal energy technologies developed to commercial implementation
  • 115 academics, researchers and PhD students across the disciplines of engineering, sciences, business and economics working to meet these challenges
  • 170 papers published each year in leading international journals
  • 2 patents registered each year, on average.

Research highlights and events

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Meet our team

Founding Centre Director

Gus Nathan

Professor Gus Nathan

Professor Nathan is an ARC Discovery Outstanding Researcher, who specialises in thermal energy engineering in systems supplied by solar, geothermal and the combustion of fossil and bio-fuels. He also works with hydrogen, wind and wave power; his recent work has focused on novel approaches to integrate and optimise these different energy sources.

He has played a leading role in the development of six patented technologies. He was principal leader of the Chief Design Team for the award winning fuel and combustion system for the Sydney Olympic Relay Torch and was co-inventor of the patented combustor that was subsequently also used in the torch and stadium flame for the Athens Games.

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