ISER operates in the sustainability, energy and resources sectors, showcasing the University of Adelaide’s finest talent in large-scale research and industry innovation.

We actively pursue cutting-edge, sustainability and modern energy system projects, to create a vision for a more sustainable world. We collaborate across the globe to make this vision a reality.

Copper for Tomorrow CRC bid

Copper is essential in our transition to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future. It’s a sustainable copper paradox: how do we increase the production of copper needed for society, and do so by processing lower grade ores, without using more energy and water, and producing more waste? The proposed Copper For Tomorrow CRC (for submission in 2022) will bring together industry and researchers to solve this challenge while helping companies to achieve their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) goals and remain profitable.

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Hydrogen CRC bid

The Hydrogen CRC Bid (for submission in 2022) is on track to become the largest single initiative in the country’s history focused on supporting the development of the emerging Australian hydrogen sector. It will provide much needed resources, capabilities, linkages and partners that can accelerate and de-risk the developing hydrogen industry and related projects. CRC’s are industry led and driven and your input is essential in to ensuring the bid addresses industry needs.

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Building a critical mass of people and knowlege in critically important minerals

The Critical Mineral Research Centre is the go-to group for multidisciplinary research programs. It is the only one of its kind in Australia, and one of only a few worldwide. We cover end-to-end critical minerals research and education, from early prospectivity analyses to resource definition to mineral processing.


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New electrocatalysts herald carbon neutrality

ISER is proud to support the University of Adelaide Centre for Materials in Energy and Catalysis (CMEC). Professor Shizhang Qiao, Centre Director, and his team at CMEC, are undertaking fundamental research into new types of high-performance low-cost metal-based electrocatalysts that are the key to the development of sustainable energy solutions and help to achieve carbon neutrality. They are developing catalysts which can be ‘tailored’ to different uses.



Future Fuels CRC Webinar: Australia's Most Viable Bioenergy Locations

Thursday 2 June 2022 – 11:30am to 1:00pm (AEST Melb/Syd)



Launch of the Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources (ISER)

ISER replaces the Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources (IMER), building on its legacy, while deepening and broadening its considerable success and engagement with key sectors in Australia.



Congratulations to Adjunct Professor Kathy Ehrig

Adjunct Professor Kathy Ehrig (Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources) has been awarded the 2022 Haddon Forrester King Medal  and Lecture (Career award) by the Australian Academy of Science. Kathy is recognised for her insights and research leadership into the complex geological events involved in the formation of the supergiant copper-uranium-gold-silver ore deposit at BHP Billiton's Olympic Dam site.


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