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Dr Tracey Dodd

Dr Dodd's expertise spans renewable energy, corporate governance, sustainability, social and environmental policy. All of them, crucial areas to pave the way for the transition to renewable energy.

Her research related to the closure of an ageing coal-fired power station analysed the gamut of regulatory and social factors impacting on the community's and policymakers' acceptance required to move ahead. 

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Dr Tracey Dodd's Impact Story

FAME Sustainability Strategy

University buildings

The FAME (Foci And Magnets for Excellence) Sustainability Strategy is aimed at developing and accelerating solutions that deliver sustainability, equity and prosperity for the planet and its people, underpinned by breakthrough research.

Our research across the University’s Faculties and Research Institutes has the capability to drive the agenda outlined in the FAME Sustainability Strategy, under five research missions (RMs):

Sustainability Strategy (Booklet)

Copper for Tomorrow CRC bid

Copper is essential in our transition to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future. It’s a sustainable copper paradox: how do we increase the production of copper needed for society, and do so by processing lower grade ores, without using more energy and water, and producing more waste? The proposed Copper For Tomorrow CRC (for submission in 2022) will bring together industry and researchers to solve this challenge while helping companies to achieve their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) goals and remain profitable.

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Hydrogen CRC bid

The Hydrogen CRC Bid (for submission in 2022) is on track to become the largest single initiative in the country’s history focused on supporting the development of the emerging Australian hydrogen sector. It will provide much needed resources, capabilities, linkages and partners that can accelerate and de-risk the developing hydrogen industry and related projects. CRC’s are industry led and driven and your input is essential in to ensuring the bid addresses industry needs.

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Building a critical mass of people and knowlege in critically important minerals

The Critical Mineral Research Centre is the go-to group for multidisciplinary research programs. It is the only one of its kind in Australia, and one of only a few worldwide. We cover end-to-end critical minerals research and education, from early prospectivity analyses to resource definition to mineral processing.

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Heavy industry low-carbon transition (HILT) CRC

For Australia’s heavy industry sector to not only survive, but thrive over the coming decades with improved technological capabilities and cost competitiveness. HILT CRC will enable our heavy industry sector to compete in the low-carbon global economy for carbon-neutral materials such as ‘green’ iron, alumina, cement and other processed minerals. HILT CRC will focus on developing technologies and methods that overcome barriers to the low-carbon transition, which include the unacceptable risks of untested innovations that could jeopardise equipment, production and/or worker safety. The University of Adelaide is a core partner of the CRC.

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Latest news



ISER's New Featured Story - Dr Tracey Dodd

In this occasion, we are excited to present an eye-opening story based on Dr. Tracey Dodd's research. An unmissable story for sure!



Prof. Melissa Nursey-Bray appointed as Deputy Director Sustainability Research, ISER

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Melissa Nursey-Bray from the School of Social Sciences in the Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics (ABLE), as Deputy Director Sustainability Research at the Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources (ISER).



ISER-sponsored Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) bids progressed to stage 2

We are very pleased to announce that two of the CRC bids led by The University of Adelaide and sponsored by the Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources (ISER) have been invited to Stage 2 of the CRC Round 24 application process.



First University of Adelaide Sustainability Conference

On June 15th, this event will bring together researchers and students to explore innovative ideas and strategies for a sustainable future.


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