Awarded R&D Projects Related to Sustainability

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  • Australian Competitive Grants (ARC and NHMRC)

    ARC Name  Main Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)  addressed Led by (within the UoA) Description
    ARC Training Centre for Battery Recycling 7 - Affordable and clean energy Prof. Shizhang Qiao

    The Training Centre aims to transform Australia’s battery and resource industry by building advanced manufacturing capability for recycling mixed battery materials and promoting 2nd-life re-use. It will redesign high performance batteries towards a battery circular economy and advance the supporting regulatory landscape. 

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    ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre in Radiation Innovation (RadInnovate) 9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure Prof. Nigel Spooner; A/ Prof. Antony Hooker; A/ Prof. Eric Fusil; Dr. Kim Harvey; Prof. Ian Olver AM; Prof. Scott Penfold Nuclear and radiation science, policy and regulation are fundamental components crucial to Australia's future, encompassing natural resources, health, quantum, space and national security.
    ARC Australian Laureate Fellowships - Prof Shaobin Wang named one of the Australian Research Council’s (ARC) 2023 Australian Laureate Fellows. 12 - Responsible consumption and production Prof. Shaobin Wang Ground-breaking research into developing more environmentally friendly catalysts for industrial use, with the aim of reducing hazardous waste in Australia’s manufacturing industry.
    ARC Industry Laureate Fellowship 7 - Affordable and clean energy Prof. Shizhang Qiao Aqueous sodium batteries for household and smart-grid electricity storage. The outcomes of the project include pilot-scale production of cheap, safe, durable and “green” batteries. The benefits to Australia will be reliable capacity to store and distribute electricity. 
    ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities scheme for 2024 13 - Climate action Prof. Maziar Arjomandi; Dr. Matthew Emes; Dr. Azadeh Jafari; Prof. Seth Westra; A/ Prof. Matthew Tucker;  This project aims to establish state-of-the-art stationary and mobile facilities for atmospheric wind, dust and plume measurements with unique capability to quantify the effect of climate change.
    ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities scheme 2023 round 1 7 - Affordable and clean energy Prof. Pavel Bedrikovetski; Dr. Abbas Zeinijahromi; Maziar Arjomandi; Prof. David Lewis The aim of this project is to establish a state-of-the-art national research facility for hydrogen flow in porous media. Large amounts of underground hydrogen storage (UHS) capacity is available in depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs and saline aquifers. Hydrogen injection into geological formations can trigger geochemical and geomechanical processes that damage reservoirs and breach their integrity and seal capacity. UHS modelling is necessary to understand the governing mechanisms throughout storage–withdrawal cycles. The LIEF facility will enable site-specific experiments on hydrogen flow in porous media. This will enable Australia to make technological breakthroughs in critical areas of the economy, such as clean energy.
  • Cooperative Research Centre & Projects R&D Income

    CRC Name  Main Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) addressed Led by (within the UoA) Leadership Role Weblink UoA Status
    Fight Food Waste CRC 2 - Zero hunger Dr Bryan Coad Research Director Active member
    SmartSat CRC 11 - Sustainable cities and communities Prof. Tat-Jun Chin Theme Leader  Active member
    Cyber Security CRC 9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure Prof. Ali Babar Theme Leader Active member
    HILT CRC 13 - Climate action Prof. Graham Nathan (Gus) Research Director Active member
    Future Fuels CRC 7 - Affordable and clean energy Prof. Peter Ashman N/A Active member
    Future Battery Industries CRC 7 - Affordable and clean energy Dr. Ali Pourmousavi Kani N/A Active member
    MinEx CRC  7 - Affordable and clean energy Prof. Alan Collins N/A Active member
    One Basin CRC 6 -  Clean water and sanitation Prof. Seth Westra Research Director  Active member


    Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P)   Main Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) addressed Led by (within the UoA) Leadership Role Description and/or Weblink UoA Status
    CRC-P Accelerating exploration and extraction of renewable natural hydrogen 7 - Affordable and clean energy Prof. Graham Heinson, Prof. Simon Holford and A/ Prof. Rosalind King UoA partners

    CRC Projects - Round 14 outcomes

    This project will enable green and passive exploration techniques to accelerate the discovery of natural hydrogen. The research into extraction solutions will provide a clear pathway to drill and extract the lowest cost hydrogen, which is expected to be up to 75% cheaper than manufacturing hydrogen

    Active member
    CRC-P In-Place Recovery: Solution mining of critical minerals 7 - Affordable and clean energy A/ Prof. Chaoshui Xu and Prof. Peter Dowd UoA partners

    CRC Projects - Round 14 outcomes

    In-Place Recovery allows for selective extraction of minerals without moving the rock mass to the surface, resulting in improved safety, lower cost, reduced energy and water consumption, and no tailings. Embrace novel technologies to overcome the challenging dilemma of increased demand for critical minerals whilst committing to sustainability

    Active member
  • Other R&D Income

    Grant or Funding   Main Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) addressed Led by (within the UoA) Description and/or Weblink UoA Status
    The Global Hydrogen Production Technologies (HyPT) Center 7 - Affordable and clean energy Prof. Greg Metha 

    CSIRO- National Science Foundation Global-Centers

    University of Adelaide Newsroom

    International partnership of six countries – US, Australia, Canada, UK, Egypt, and Germany – to formulate a pathway to low-cost large-scale net-zero hydrogen production from a bespoke platform of complementary technologies as an enabler of global decarbonisation.

  • Internally Funded