Tasting Australia

We’re honoured to be a 2024 Premier Partner of Tasting Australia, the country’s largest eating and drinking festival.

Running from 3 to 12 May, the South Australia-wide festival brought together the nation’s leading producers, chefs and winemakers to create and celebrate excellence in their respective fields. In doing so, it highlights the incredible influence that our University has had, and continues to have, on these pivotal Australian industries—a remarkable number of those hosting Tasting Australia events this year are University of Adelaide alumni.

Official program

Tasting Australia 2024 has finished, but you can still check out their website and stay tuned for updates on the 2025 festival. 

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A proud history of industry support

Our 2024 partnership with Tasting Australia is just the latest step in almost a century of University of Adelaide support for Australia’s globally renowned food and wine industries.

Established in 1924, our Waite campus today houses the third largest concentration of agricultural research and teaching expertise found anywhere in the world. ‘The Waite’ has played a huge part in not only educating and inspiring our nation’s outstanding food, wine and produce-growing talent, but expanding the boundaries of knowledge in all contributing disciplines.

  • History in wine

    • Largest teaching winery in Australia.
    • On-campus vineyard, featuring a wide range of red and white varieties.
    • 70% of Australia’s wine and grape science research produced at Waite campus.
    • Leading research into combatting bushfire smoke taint.
  • History in food

    • Co-produced, in collaboration with Riviera Bakery, a range of gluten-free and nutritionally enhanced breads with taste and texture comparable to that of regular bread.
    • Leading research into the accurate, consumer-friendly description of edible insects’ flavours and textures.
    • Leading research into the complex factors influencing Australian consumers’ food choices.
  • History in agriculture

    • Bred and released 17 new barley, faba bean, durum wheat and bread wheat varieties since 2014.
    • Bred and released 6 new Australian almond varieties since 2016.
    • Leading innovative research into off-Earth production of fresh, nutritious food to enable long-term crewed space exploration.

Become a future star yourself

Ready to turn your passion for food, wine or produce into a rewarding career? Perhaps you’re already on your way and want to kick into a higher gear? Maybe it’s the business side of the industries that appeals to you? Wherever you see your future, our world-class degrees and short courses can help you get there.