2024 courses

Each course will be hyperlinked from 4th December 2023 to their respective Course Planner which provides further information including a course description, assessment, contact hours and timetabling.

Biology I: Human Perspectives (BIOLOGY 1201) Semester 2
Biology I: Molecules, Genes and Cells (BIOLOGY 1101) Semester 1
Biology I: Organisms (BIOLOGY 1202) Semester 2
Building a Habitable Planet (GEOLOGY 1103) Semester 1
Chemistry IA (CHEM 1100)* Semester 1
Chemistry IB (CHEM 1200)* Semester 2
Ecological Issues I (ENV BIOL 1002) Semester 2
Physics IA (PHYSICS 1100)^ Semester 1
Physics IB (PHYSICS 1200)^ Semester 2
Planet Earth (GEOLOGY 1100) Semester 2

*Headstart students who wish to enrol in Chemisty IA/IB must have completed SACE Stage 2 Chemistry with an achievement grade of at least A-.

^Headstart students who wish to enrol in Physics IA/IB must also enrol in Mathematics IA/IB as a co-requisite subject, and so must have a minimum grade of A- in SACE Stage 2 Physics as well as a minimum grade of A in both SACE Stage 2 Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics.