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The Hugo Centre is an international research hub dedicated to addressing the global challenge of population change. Our mission is to conduct innovative, interdisciplinary research on population, migration, and demography issues.

Honouring Professor Graeme Hugo

Professor Graeme Hugo AO in a library

Professor Graeme Hugo in his office at the University of Adelaide.

The Hugo Centre is named in honour of the late Professor Graeme Hugo, founding director of the Australian Population and Migration Centre and the National Centre for Social Applications of Geographical Information Systems (GISCA). Graeme was a University Professorial Fellow at the University of Adelaide and held a chair in the Department of Geography, Environment and Population for several decades. During this time, Graeme authored over 400 scholarly works, supervised more than 50 PhD students, and presented to audiences ranging from local school groups to the United Nations. In 2012, Graeme was named an Officer of the Order of Australia for service to population research. In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the global advancement of Geography, Graeme was awarded the Association of Geographers' Australian-International Medal in 2014.

Graeme’s spirit of intellectual curiosity and public engagement continues to inspire the research agenda and culture of the Hugo Centre, as evidenced through our services, research, and overarching mission.

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Stimulating the housing industry: Limitations of the public housebuilding panacea

This AHURI COVID-19 research project is led by Professor Steven Rowley, Curtin University, with significant inputs from the University of Adelaide. Its focus is on the fact that the housing industry has long been held up as an ideal mechanism for delivering economic stimulus in periods of economic crisis. The project asks what policies are most effective in utilising the industry, does the industry actually have the capacity to respond and what form should this response take?



Renting in the time of COVID-19: understanding the impacts

The economic downturn resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has placed many in the rental market at risk; they face uncertainty, tenure insecurity and financial hardship. Guided by the needs of policy, this AHURI COVID-19 research project led by Professor Emma Baker rapidly generates a nationwide dataset and essential reporting on the impact of COVID-19 on tenants.



Supporting Australia’s housing system: modelling pandemic policy responses

This new AHURI funded project has been funded under AHURI’s special COVID-19 responses funding round. The project is led by Professor Chris Leishman and will deliver the rapid redevelopment of economic / housing system modelling approaches to provide deep policy insights into COVID-19 housing interventions, focussing on impacts to employment, earnings, and outcomes for owners, renters and investors. The economic simulation model will simulate the probable impacts of three principal policy interventions.