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Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research

Welcome to the Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research

The Hugo Centre is a global research hub based at the University of Adelaide in South Australia.

Our work addresses the global challenge of population change. We focus on four interlinked research themes:

  • Migration, Diasporas & Diversity: How do patterns of human mobility, social difference, and cross-border connectedness shape cities, economies and nation-states?
  • Demography & the Life Course: How do demographic shifts such as population growth and ageing alter the nature of work, family life, and peoples’ relationships to the built environment?
  • Population-Environment Interactions: How do population dynamics interact with processes of transformation in our physical environment?
  • Social Applications of GIS: How can we describe and explain population change using state-of-the-art spatial analysis and geographical information systems?

The Centre prioritises research that is innovative and interdisciplinary, and which impacts positively on people and organizations.

Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research

School of Social Sciences
Faculty of Arts
The University of Adelaide
Napier Building
North Terrace, Adelaide
South Australia 5005


+61 8 8313 5646

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