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Explorer Challenge winners announced Friday 28 June

Good luck to our team, DeepSightX, participants in the OZ Minerals Explorer Challenge. Announcement of the winning entries will be live streamed from 10.30am here



Solving Tomorrow’s Defence Issues Now

Australia has a proud history of scientific endeavour and is recognised as a leader in fields from engineering and computer science to physics, space science, materials science and molecular biology.



Australia falling behind in intelligence race

New analysis shows Australia is losing the global race in artificial intelligence and will miss out on future jobs without major new investment to secure its position as a leading destination for AI research and development.



Push for Adelaide to be home of robotics

Adelaide would become the home of a national centre for smart machines, robotics and artificial intelligence under an ambitious pitch to address fears that Australia is losing the global race.



Embrace tech changes to drive future

AI, robotics and other forms of smart automation have potential to deliver great economic benefits but also displace workers in jobs vulnerable to technological change. 



Australia keeps failing to see the opportunity of AI

Malignant. Benign. If a picture tells a thousand words, these are the two jostling foremost in a patient’s mind when a radiologist scans their body for a better image of that suspicious lump or mass.But there is so much more a picture can tell us about cancer, particularly if we consider the possibilities of artificial intelligence.


So what is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning


Featured stories

Speeding disease diagnosis

A particularly exciting extension of AIML’s machine learning work is the University of Adelaide’s collaborative creation of the world’s first AI microbiology screening technology for use in pathology laboratories.

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Accelerating crop farmers’ adaptation to climate change

A valuable world-first application of the University of Adelaide’s AI image-analysis technology is in the agricultural sector.

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Emulating nature’s perfect pursuit

The University of Adelaide’s machine learning expertise is also making waves in defence and other sectors, by enhancing autonomous-pursuit capabilities.

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We’re partnering with Lenovo

The new partnership between AIML and Lenovo provides businesses in Australia and New Zealand with access to the technology, expertise and research required to successfully commence machine learning projects. 

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