About Us

Our story

Co-investment by the State Government and the University of Adelaide saw the concept of Australia’s first institute dedicated to research in machine learning finally come to fruition. 

In early 2018, the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) was officially established.

Although a new Institute by name, AIML was formed from the Australian Centre for Visual Technologies (ACVT), a group with a long history of delivering high-impact fundamental and applied research. ACVT’s many years of success and experience has formed the core of what is now known as AIML. 

Machine learning underpins the business models of the largest corporations and has the potential to deliver massive, social, economic and environmental benefits. Our world-class research strengths lie in machine learning and the methods that support this; artificial intelligence, computer vision and deep learning. 

At AIML, we are:

  • collaborating with world-leading companies to develop high-tech products and solutions
  • providing an interdisciplinary approach to research and consulting
  • carrying out pure research to provide benefits to society
  • raising the profile of South Australia as the place to be for innovation
  • employing our State’s bright young minds.