About Us

The Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) conducts globally competitive research and development in machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision and deep learning.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, we have almost 200 members and are continuing to grow.

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    AIML is Australia’s first institute dedicated to research in machine learning. We formed in early 2018 from the Australian Centre for Visual Technologies (ACVT), with funding from the South Australian state government and the University of Adelaide. ACVT’s many years of success and experience has formed the core of what is now known as AIML.

    Machine learning underpins the business models of the largest corporations and has the potential to deliver massive, social, economic and environmental benefits. AIML translates research into impact through:

    • collaborating with world-leading companies to develop high-tech products and solutions
    • providing an interdisciplinary approach to research and consulting
    • carrying out pure research to provide benefits to society
    • raising the profile of South Australia as the place to be for innovation
    • employing our state’s bright young minds.
    Our People

    Our vision

    To be global leaders in machine learning research, and high-impact research translation.

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    Our mission

    Research excellence in machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision (CV).


    Our charter

    Our charter outlines our commitment to research excellence, and the sovereign capability we strive to create.

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      Research excellence

      AIML members are committed to maintaining excellence through publication in top tier conferences and journals. We are also committed to showcasing this excellence by participating in global technology challenges and competitions.

      Industry translation

      AIML translates cutting-edge research into impact through collaborating with partners including world-leading companies and local SMEs. We are committed to raising the profile of South Australia as the place to be for innovation.

      Training future leaders

      By training and employing our state’s greatest minds, AIML is building an ecosystem of machine learning experts. AIML embraces a culture of curiosity, collaboration, mentorship and sponsorship, trust, diversity, and accountability.


      As an institute of the University of Adelaide located at Lot Fourteen, AIML is committed to engagement across the University community and to facilitating development of the Lot Fourteen ecosystem. AIML staff and students are members of the broader University of Adelaide community, benefiting from established policies and protocols for research and business excellence.


      AIML has developed an open model to research and innovation. By open we mean that nearly all our research outputs are open to the outside world — through either top-tier conferences / journals, open source software or talks and seminars. This model drives the University’s world rankings, ability to attract and retain top talent, and allows AIML to drive the fundamental science of ML, CV and AI and their application across industry in South Australia.

      Sovereign capability

      AIML contributes to Australia’s sovereign capability through capacity building and partnering on projects of national importance. We actively engage with the University’s Defence and Security Institute (DSI) on projects and research associated with the defence industry. Our members who undertake research relating to defence are automatically members of DSI and meet the obligations of this membership.

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    Our machine learning capability

    Our institute is uniquely positioned to work with business. AIML’s world-class researchers are aligned with a talented engineering team — this means we can incorporate the very latest technological developments into industrial software to meet the needs of our clients and partners.