The Australian Institute for Machine Learning is recognised as one of the top artificial intelligence and computer vision research institutions globally. Whether you are a student, researcher or corporation, find out how you fit in.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is an extremely fast pace research sector. Find out how you can be involved with Australia’s leading research institution in this field.

  • Postgraduate study and careers

    Postgraduate programmes

    The Australian Institute for Machine Learning has a globally recognised postgraduate programmes that will accelerate your career in either academia or industry.


    Through the Australian Research Council and our industry partners, we are able to provide PhD scholarships and top-ups to deserving students. Click here to find out which you can apply for today.


    AIML and the University more broadly have a wide range of opportunities for motivated people at all levels. Follow the link to find out where you fit in.

  • Partnerships and consulting

    Industry and SME partnerships

    The Australian Institute of machine learning has partnered with some of the most successful start-ups and enterprises and delivered world class artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. We provide full stack consulting services from software development to dashboard integration and management.

    Government partnerships

    The Australian Institute for machine learning works closely with the Australian government to to increase efficiency and improve efficacy within all levels of administration. Our mission is to uplift the country's artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities by working closely with local industries and governments.

  • Industry training

    Machine learning for executives

    Engage one of our domain experts to learn how you can harness the power of machine learning within your business. We host a range of workshops and seminars designed specifically to highlight areas of high growth potential with these new technologies.