Undergraduate Opportunities

Find out how you can get involved in machine learning as an undergraduate student.

Periodically we have opportunities available for internships and research programs with AIML. Previously, students have engaged in research across all our themes, and completed projects in niche areas such as AI beer recipes, and summer research scholarships.

The University of Adelaide also has several student clubs aimed specifically at those interested in AI and machine learning.

Current opportunities

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Other ways to get involved


Adept is a student-run organisation facilitating industry-connected student projects, such as rockets, rovers and solar powered drones.

AI & ML Student Club

The AI & ML Student Club is a club at the University of Adelaide focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The club facilitates workshops, networking events, and is home to a community of like-minded peers.

Computer Science Club

The Computer Science Club of the University of Adelaide is for those with an interest in all things related to computer science. Learn, socialise, and code are the three main focuses of the club.