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The pursuit eternal

The pursuit eternal duckweed

Pioneering research in plant breeding, alternative proteins, and transformative technologies keeps the Waite at the cutting edge in its constant pursuit of the next big thing.

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Harvesting knowledge

Harvesting knowledge feature

Harvest is a crucial part of every winemaker and viticulturist’s year. Meet the team of staff and students who tackled the 2024 vintage at Waite.

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When wine came to Waite

Roseworthy oenology students in 1989, with Dr Bryce Rankine (far left) and Kenneth Leske (Peter’s dad, far right).

Many a successful winemaker made their way through Roseworthy Agricultural College before it merged with the University of Adelaide in 1991. The move saw South Australian teaching and research in oenology and viticulture transferred to the University’s Waite campus, which has since become a global icon of winemaking.

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A year of celebrations

A year of celebrations

The celebrations for our 150th have already begun – the party has officially started.

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World News - Autumn 2024

Peter Ong

We invited some of this community to be our special “foreign correspondents” - to give a brief insight into their lives, careers and success around the world.

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Onnie Chan

Onnie Chan

Education has always played a significant role in my life, thanks to my mother’s influence. Now, I am turning a new page because of my studies at the University of Adelaide.

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Based on a true story


From Braveheart (1995) to Pearl Harbor (2001) to Netflix’s The Crown and SBS’s Versailles, films and television series have long been regarded as unreliable documents to history.

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Lumen readers' prize

Lumen competition

Your chance to win 150th anniversary prizes.

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100 years of better breeding

100 years of better breeding

A lot can happen in a century, especially in the field of plant breeding. 

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Eat Waite

Solar eggs carton

Research never tasted so good.

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