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World News - Autumn 2024

Peter Ong

We invited some of this community to be our special “foreign correspondents” - to give a brief insight into their lives, careers and success around the world.

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Based on a true story


From Braveheart (1995) to Pearl Harbor (2001) to Netflix’s The Crown and SBS’s Versailles, films and television series have long been regarded as unreliable documents to history.

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Lumen readers' prize

Lumen competition

Your chance to win 150th anniversary prizes.

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On the dog’s back?

On the dogs back

Everyone thinks they have the best dog. None of them are wrong.

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Helping some people, some of the time


Idealism lies at the heart of Nicholas Jose’s latest novel.

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Natasha Stott Despoja

Natasha Stott Despoja

My association with the University is never far away.

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Should I drink it now?


Why not all wines age well.

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