News: 150th

A year of celebrations

A year of celebrations

The celebrations for our 150th have already begun – the party has officially started.

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Celebrating 150 years!

Lumen: Autumn 2024

Our new look Lumen shares the personal stories of students, staff and alumni – and how our University continues to change lives. Guest “history editor” Keith Conlon explores our past, and how our State and our University have grown together.

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Famous visitors

King George signature

A look at the signatures of our history.

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Our earliest film


The Maths Lawns in front of the Barr Smith Library have not always been dedicated to gentle academic pursuits.

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Future history

Nineties student

While our history is our foundation, the future is being created now in the minds of our people.

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On the dog’s back?

On the dogs back

Everyone thinks they have the best dog. None of them are wrong.

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Andy Thomas: Celebrating a local hero

Andy Thomas

When Andy Thomas first graduated from the University of Adelaide 50 years ago, travelling into space as an astronaut was an impossible dream.

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Preview: Celebrating our 150th

Med grads ball

In 2024 the University of Adelaide will be rolling out a diverse series of events, parties, celebrations, special discussions and commemorative merchandise to celebrate our 150th anniversary.

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