Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching (MELT) guide the development of student sophisticated thinking and rely on educator professional judgement and adaptation.

  • Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching all focus on students' thinking skills.
  • MELT are best used to scaffold thinking skill development in repeated use so that MELT become thinking routines for students.
  • Engaged teachers are vital for this process, for MELT provides broad guidelines, but educators typically change the terminology to make MELT fluid and learning active.

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Authentic Assessment for skill development and content learning

A forum hosted by Monash University Malaysia 26 February, 2021 Q1 What makes an assessment ‘Authentic’? https://answergarden.ch/1779160 1st Breakout room activity Introduce yourselves: including interest in Authentic Assessment Topic: How could you use MELT to help forge Authentic Assessment with colleagues and the curriculum? Discuss one context for each person where authentic assessment needs to … Continue reading "Authentic Assessment for skill development and content learning"



University of Calgary: Research and Experiential Learning

Research and Experiential Learning, University of Calgary 19/2/2021 Some useful links: The MELT website www.melt.edu.au The MELT book: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-981-15-2683-1 Answer Garden: https://answergarden.ch/1124632 Interactive Session A In your breakout of 4 or 5: Find out one Research or Experiential Learning focus of each person. Choose the 2 most diverse contexts. What would the name of the … Continue reading "University of Calgary: Research and Experiential Learning"



MELT, for a fluid sense of purpose in education?

The open-access Springer book, the Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching: Connecting Sophisticated Thinking from Early Childhood to PhD, spans not only educational sectors but learning paradigms and subjects/disciplines. The book uses the seven questions of MELT as its seven chapters’ titles. Chapter 1 ‘What is our purpose?’ concludes (p25): The billion human brains that … Continue reading "MELT, for a fluid sense of purpose in education?"