Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching (MELT) guide the development of student sophisticated thinking and rely on educator professional judgement and adaptation.

  • Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching all focus on students' thinking skills.
  • MELT are best used to scaffold thinking skill development in repeated use so that MELT become thinking routines for students.
  • Engaged teachers are vital for this process, for MELT provides broad guidelines, but educators typically change the terminology to make MELT fluid and learning active.

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MELT for interdisciplinary STEM education: Forging Connections

One problem for teachers facilitating interdisciplinary STEM projects is how to lift student rigour and sophistication in each subject as well as the interdisciplinary whole. This problem is compounded by differences in terminology within STEM subjects, which make it appear to students like they are being required to do very different forms of thinking and … Continue reading "MELT for interdisciplinary STEM education: Forging Connections"



Authentic Assessment for skill development and content learning

A forum hosted by Monash University Malaysia 26 February, 2021 Q1 What makes an assessment ‘Authentic’? https://answergarden.ch/1779160 1st Breakout room activity Introduce yourselves: including interest in Authentic Assessment Topic: How could you use MELT to help forge Authentic Assessment with colleagues and the curriculum? Discuss one context for each person where authentic assessment needs to … Continue reading "Authentic Assessment for skill development and content learning"



University of Calgary: Research and Experiential Learning

Research and Experiential Learning, University of Calgary 19/2/2021 Some useful links: The MELT website www.melt.edu.au The MELT book: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-981-15-2683-1 Answer Garden: https://answergarden.ch/1124632 Interactive Session A In your breakout of 4 or 5: Find out one Research or Experiential Learning focus of each person. Choose the 2 most diverse contexts. What would the name of the … Continue reading "University of Calgary: Research and Experiential Learning"