Law School guest speaker, President Livesey

As commencing students in 2023, you will be amongst the 140th cohort to commence their legal studies at the Adelaide Law School. The Adelaide Law School is the second oldest in Australia and has a rich history dating back to 1883.

Discover more about this and the events we have planned to celebrate our 140th anniversary.  

To celebrate our anniversary and to acknowledge your special place as our 140th cohort, Justice Livesey, President of the Court of Appeal of South Australia, will welcome you as future members of the legal profession. The address will be an opportunity for you to meet President Livesey, law school academic staff and your peers.  

 The Hon Justice Mark Livesey was appointed to the Supreme Court of South Australia and as a member of the Court of Appeal, in January 2020 and he was appointed President of the Court of Appeal of South Australia in September 2021. Prior to his judicial appointment President Livesey had a distinguished career working in commercial and insurance litigation and at the Bar.  He was appointed Queens’s Counsel in February 2006. He served as President of the South Australian Bar in 2011-2012 and President of the Australian Bar in 2014-2015. 


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