Accelerated Leader Program

Transform your leadership perspective and significantly advance your value as a future leader.

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Your commitment: 48 hours made up of 3 x 2-day class modules delivered over three months and 2 x 1.5 hour online discussions, 8.45am - 4.30pm (6 days of classes)

Location: Level 7, Nexus 10, 10 Pulteney Street, Adelaide 

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  • What is covered in the course?

    This program is designed for emerging leaders to boost your leadership skills and management competencies. The key learnings and skills you’ll develop through this program are highly sought after by employers and essential for career progression in leadership roles. Successful leadership requires a deep understanding of self, as well as your team and organisation in order to achieve optimum results. 

    Modules Key dates
    Module 1: Primus
    Understanding more about yourself is the first step in understanding more about others and improving your effectiveness as a team player now, and leader in the future.
    Online Discussion (1 hour)
    Consolidate your learning from the previous session through facilitated discussion
    Module 2: Understanding your role in the organisation
    Organisations are systems of people and groups working together and evolving. Understanding how to better work in teams is a key focus of this module. You will cover your preferred roles, the role of networks, collaboration, and working virtually – all essential in contemporary business.
    Online Discussion (1 hour)
    Consolidate your learning from the previous session through facilitated discussion
    Module 3: Integration
    Understanding the essentials about the uncertain, complex and ambiguous world in which we have to work is a focus of this module. You will also learn how to participate in change programs and build the resilience and skills needed for constant change.

    Please note: Dates are subject to final confirmation based on the presenter’s other University teaching commitments released later in the year

  • Key learnings

    By the end of this program you will:

    • gain a deep understanding of yourself, your behaviours and how others see you, crucial for establishing your personal brand.
    • be able to use the insights learned about yourself to more effectively work with others.
    • identify your leadership style and how to engage and influence others. 
    • build the resilience and skills needed for managing change and participating in change programs. 
    • gain insight into how organisations function as organisational systems and understand your role within it.
  • Should I attend?

    This program is aimed at emerging, aspiring, and newly-appointed leaders, but is available to anyone who is interested in advancing their career and leadership skills.

  • How will my organisation benefit?

    Your organisation will gain:

    • improved organisational performance through stronger team leadership.
    • improved efficiency through more coherent teamwork.
    • employees with a greater understanding of their role in your organisation and how they contribute.
    • a workforce with greater capabilities and skills, delivering your organisational goals.

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