Foundations of Transformative Leadership Program

Gain a strong foundation in the dynamics of complexity and develop your leadership skills.

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Next intake: 7 March 2022

Fee: $7,500 (Early Bird Fee - ends on 19 January 2022) / $8,250.00 (Normal Fee)

Your commitment: 2 x 3-day intensives (one in Hahndorf and one in Adelaide) plus online sessions and pre-work

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  • What is covered in the course?

    The game hasn’t changed, it has become change. Change in business and government is no longer an identifiable event, but rather a constantly and rapidly evolving state. Today’s leaders operate in an increasingly complex and unpredictable environment in which change occurs at an unprecedented speed and magnitude. The future is uncertain, and problems often transcend the boundaries of single organisations or professions.

    The Foundations of Transformative Leadership Program is an experiential development program designed in partnership with the University of Texas at Austin to provide mid-to-senior managers with a strong foundation in the dynamics of complexity and leadership, and equip you with a range of  key skills and competencies to enhance performance in your current role and prepare you for a future in leadership.

    The program is offered to mid-senior managers who are already able to think strategically, work effectively in teams, and who are open to new perspectives.

  • Key learnings

    • Learning to learn, maximizing program impact
    • The foundations of Adaptive Leadership
    • Understanding mindset and how we make decisions
    • Leadership and complexity / unpredictability
    • Identifying simple, complicated and complex aspects of problems and how to respond
    • Observation & Interpretation: understanding the actions, behaviours and patterns of others and their impact
    • Change and loss: Overcoming immunity to change
    • Multiple perspectives: Considering multiple viewpoints and generating multiple interpretations and solutions
    • Tools and techniques to act and make progress on complex challenges Benefits for your organisation.
  • Should I attend?

    It has been specifically designed to help middle-to-senior managers develop a strong foundation in the dynamics of complexity and leadership, and equip them with a range of key skills and competencies to enhance performance in their current roles and prepare them for a future in leadership.

  • How will my organisation benefit?

    Participants will leave the program with a deep understanding of the nature of leadership, enabling them to connect values and empower individuals to drive results. They will crystallise your organisational purpose and gain the ability to routinely view situations from multiple perspectives, allowing the participant to better observe the actions, behaviours and patterns of others, as well as themselves.

    During the program, participants will be given the opportunity to explore and address a major challenge facing your organisation and apply their learnings to create sustainable change.

  • Delivery mode

    • On-site intensive learning led by renowned educators.
    • Interactive online sessions.
    • Purposeful interactions with peers outside the classroom.
    • Discussions with some of the best thinkers in and out of government.

    Participants also undertake individual and group activities designed to broaden their understanding of the concepts and provide opportunities to apply their learning in a real-world context.

  • Key dates

    Program element Date and time Location
    Orientation Monday 7 March 2022, 9.00am - 10.00am Online
    Pre-work assignment Monday 7 March 2022 Posted online
    3 day intensive Wednesday 23 - Friday 25 March 2022, 8.45am - 4.30pm Face-to-face (Hahndorf)
    Application assignment 1 Monday 28 March 2022 Posted online
    Application workshop Monday 11 April 2022, 9.00am - 11.00am Online
    Application assignment 2 Tuesday 19 April 2022 Posted online
    3 day intensive Wednesday 18 - Friday 20 May 2022, 8.45am - 4.30pm,
    5.30pm finish on Friday
    Face-to-face (Adelaide)
    Post-program follow-up Tuesday 21 June 2022, 9.00am - 10.00am Online


The FTLP program was a fantastic experience. It’s not the usual management program. It’s a program so full of ideas and issues that you go home worn out. With over 20 years as a manager, the program challenged me to think differently – about myself, my colleagues and staff and how to respond to change in a dynamic environment. I have not only taken home a tool-kit of great approaches to problems, but more importantly have understood a very different way of working out how to deal with the complex problems facing us in today’s workplace environment. I now understand that complex problems require complex solutions – and how changing your thinking that can take you there. I would recommend FTLP to managers at any level.John Forward, SA Health, 2019 participant


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