Professional Management Program

Enhance your leadership and general management skills with this dynamic multi-modular program.

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Your commitment: 15 days, plus out-of-class time to complete assessments

Location: Level 7, Nexus 10, 10 Pulteney Street, Adelaide

Intakes: Monthly intakes

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  • What is covered in the course and key dates

    Designed for established managers to develop and broaden their core management capabilities, and a pathway opportunity to the Adelaide MBA (face to face post-experience program).

    The Professional Management Program has been delivered by the University of Adelaide for over 20 years, and has assisted over 2,500 middle to senior managers build their core management skills for personal and organisational success. This dynamic program focuses on developing the core leadership, management, finance and operational skills required by any aspiring manager or business leader.

    The program is made up of 3 core modules, 2 elective modules, and 1 capstone module.

    Core Modules (3) Duration Course dates

    Leading and Managing People

    Understanding effective leadership and management characteristics. Managing yourself and building relationships with those around you. Dealing with conflict. Forming and participating in teams. Identifying methods of communication for the workplace.

    2 days 14 & 15 September, 2022

    Finance for Non-Financial Managers

    Understanding and analysing financial information and accounting reports. Applying techniques of financial evaluation to assess proposed projects, including evaluating risk as part of preparing a business case. Understanding and applying 'good practice' methods in preparing budgets and in exercising budgeting control. 

    2 days

    February 2023

    Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (Advanced)

    Applied problem-solving tools and techniques. Challenging the process, concepts of process-thinking, benchmarking and re-engineering. Understanding the drivers of customer satisfaction. Team based approaches to improving customer services, business processes and the concept of customer's value of quality. How to foster a business climate of 'continuous improvement'.

    2 days

    20 & 21 October


    Elective Modules - Part 1 Duration Course dates

    Choose ONE of the below electives


    Leading Change

    As the pace of change in corporate Australia accelerates, effective change agents are increasingly sought-after. Organisations rely on people who can lead and inspire others to implement change initiatives smoothly and successfully. This course explores change management from three interrelated perspectives to ensure change is understood holistically. These perspectives are: the individual, the organisation and the change agent.

    2 days 27 & 28 October, 2022

    Project Management Essentials

    Effective project management underpins the achievement business outcomes. As such, well-developed project management skills are highly valuable. This course provides a number of tools and techniques to enable participants’ to effectively execute decisions on time, on budget and in line with performance targets.

    2 days 3 & 4 November, 2022
    Elective Modules - Part 2 Duration Course dates
    Choose ONE of the below electives    


    Emotional Intelligence at Work

    Learn to lead your organisation more positively and effectively with emotional intelligence. Achievement is rarely about one person, therefore our engagement with others has a high impact on how we survive, grow, and thrive at work. Our ability to know ourselves, and take the time to understand others, are critical skills for professional growth. In this course, participants will learn the key elements relating to the practice of emotional intelligence, with tools, models and activities to immediately translate into your workplace.

    2 days

    April/May 2023


    Results Driven Coaching

    There’s no doubt that coaching has a remarkably powerful role to play in the successful manager’s toolkit. Research proves that well-honed coaching skills can make a huge difference in a leader’s ability to effectively influence specific behaviours that directly impact bottom-line results. This high impact short course provides the necessary framework and hands-on practice to master these vital performance-management skills.

    2 days

    April/May 2023

    Negotiation for Leaders

    The ability to negotiate effectively is a critical business skill. The art of successful negotiation is a careful exploration and understanding of the interests and needs of the other side, with a view to achieving a positive outcome for all. This highly practical two-day course provides an overview of effective negotiation skills as well as the opportunity to practice your negotiation skills.

    2 days April/May 2023
    Capstone Module Duration Course dates

    Strategic Thinking

    Developing skills in strategic thinking. Analysing the internal and external environments. Evaluating long term strategies and guiding the direction of a business unit, department, division or organisation. Creating strategic flexibility. How to generate strategic alternatives and select the best option for implementation.

    2 days

    June 2023

    Preparation 1 - Communicate to Captivate (Strategic Project)

    In addition to receiving feedback on your project proposals this session will help you develop the ability to grasp and present business information to confidently create and present persuasive presentations and reports

    1 Day June 2023

    Preparation 2 - Dress Rehearsal and Final Feedback (Strategic Project)

    This session will allow you to present your draft strategic project and incorporate both facilitator and your peers' feedback into your final presentation and report

    1 Day August 2023
    Strategic Project Presentations 1-2 days September 2023
    Informal Graduation 4.30 - 6.00pm October 2023
  • Key learnings

    By the end of this program you will:

    • be able to lead authentically, and identify talents and areas for development for yourself and your staff
    • have a grounding in core business topics, which is essential for being an effective decision-maker
    • be able to create, write and implement strategic management principles to benefit your business .
  • Should I attend?

    This program is designed for managers, team leaders and professionals who are currently operating at middle-to-senior management level.

  • How will my organisation benefit?

    Your organisation will gain:

    • improved organisational performance through stronger leadership and team management
    • improved strategic thinking to move your organisation forward
    • better decision-making in meeting your organisational goals.
  • Delivery mode


    Delivered as 6 x 2 day modules, plus a Strategic Project (3 days). The course is conducted during the working week. There are rarely out-of-hours commitments prior to attending each module.

  • Credit

    Successful completion of Professional Management Program, with a credit-grade average or above, may give you credit into the Adelaide MBA* (subject to meeting the standard entry requirements for the MBA).    
    Credit is available for any of the 6 modules within this program if it has been successfully completed as a short course through PACE. Participants must complete an associated assignment for the short course to receive this credit.

    *The credit applied to the face-to-face post-experience MBA program only, and excludes online programs.


  • Assessment

    To successfully complete the Professional Management Program, participants will need to complete a number of written assignments, an ePortfolio and a Strategic Project.

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