About the Program

This 5-day intensive course takes a practical and industry-oriented approach that provides an introduction to brewing theory and practice before diving deeper into raw ingredients and production systems and their impact on ultimate beer style.

The program will involve lectures, guest presenters and industry experts, hands-on small-scale brewing, sensory assessment of beer, and a full day training program at local commercial breweries, covering key aspects such as malting, mashing, yeast selection, maturation and quality assessment. Theoretical elements are reinforced by the practical exercises to develop a working knowledge of commercial beer production.

The course will be offered at the renowned Waite Campus.

As part of your participation you will receive:

  • course notes
  • beer tastings
  • industry visits
  • presentations by industry experts/presenters
  • lunches.
  • What does the course cover?

    The following topics will be covered:

    • Introduction and fundamentals of beer production.
    • Raw Ingredients including: Fermentables (malting and mashing biochemistry), Adjuncts/flavourings and Hops, Water chemistry.
    • Brewing Microbiology: from fermentation to packaging.
    • Malting and milling processes and technology.
    • Brewhouse, fermentation and maturation technology.
    • Brewery design, plant operations and waste management.
    • Sensory assessment of beer.
    • Quality control, safety and regulations.

    On completing this course you will be able to:

    • Discuss the role of the major raw ingredients in beer composition and associated sensory properties.
    • Explain the processes by which the raw ingredients are transformed during the brewing process.
    • Use sensory assessment to evaluate beer style and quality associated with the key international beer styles in modern production.
    • Identify the major faults in beers, and describe the quality control practices for minimisation of microbial and oxidative spoilage.
    • Plan and implement the production of beer according to a selected beer style.
    • Describe key principles relating to brewery design, process operations and waste management.
    • Understand basic regulatory and safety aspects of small brewery operations.
  • Who should attend?

    This course will be attended by those looking to gain a basic working knowledge of beer production and brewing science. No previous experience of beer production is required, making the course suitable for those with an interest in entering the industry. Those with a keen interest in beer production who simply wish to learn more about how production decisions are reflected in the sensory profiles of finished products will also find much to be enjoyed in the course.

  • Why the University of Adelaide?

    The University of Adelaide has a long history in grape and wine education and research. Courses involving winemaking and distillation has been taught to enrolled students for decades with a new elective course in brewing also being made available students within select programs in the Faculty of Science. These courses however are not offered to the general public. A short course in Spirit Production has recently been developed, building on strong interest for education in spirits and distillation from industry stakeholders and the general public alike. Craft brewing industry representatives have also approached the University asking for educational offerings tailored to the brewing sector. This is a perfect fit to our teaching expertise and draws upon industry contacts and guest presenters to provide a unique offering, unavailable anywhere else in Australia.