Language Courses

Learning a language overcomes cultural and interpersonal barriers, offering greater personal and professional opportunities on a wider global stage. It also helps form a clearer understanding of your own native language creating a deeper appreciation of our own multicultural Australian society.

So, whatever your reason; to advance your career, get in touch with your heritage, be able to communicate better with family and friends or to keep the grey matter active - learning a language is an enjoyable and enriching experience!

Why learn a language with PACE?

The benefits of studying a language at PACE include:

  • Content geared for practical use of language - content is geared to teach you language proficiency for everyday use and interaction.
  • Experienced adult educators - teachers with proven experience in adult education, and knowledgeable in adult education techniques.
  • Interactive teaching style - participative approach giving you an opportunity to learn with others, and from others.
  • Holistic approach - teaching aims to develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
  • Learning structure and continuity at a manageable pace - content allows for systematic and cohesive progression of language learning at a consistent and optimum, yet comfortable speed.
  • CBD location - comfortable classrooms in a secure, centralised location; and easily accessible by public transport.

No entry requirements

Open to all adult learners, PACE language courses do not have entry requirements and do not require any prior knowledge of the language to commence a beginner’s course.

Our courses have been developed as an educational course and are not credit bearing, therefore are not intended to lead to a qualification or institutional credit. There may be institutions that offer credit for completion of study; please check with respective institutions before enrolling.

Course advice and self assessment

Contact the PACE Team to assist you in selecting the appropriate course and level of study. 


Upon successful completion of courses, and meeting attendance requirements, you will receive a University of Adelaide Certificate of Completion.

Intensive students have the option of being assessed during the course; if you decide to participate in the assessment and achieve the required proficiency and attendance requirement, you will be awarded a Certificate of Competency.