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Adelaide Law Review


Editors in Chief
Associate Professor Matthew Stubbs
Associate Professor Judith Bannister

Publications Officer (for all subscription matters)
Panita Hirunboot

Volume 39 Number 1 2018

Table of Contents

Kathy Mack, Sharyn Roach Anleu and Jordan Tutton The Judiciary and the Public: Judicial Perceptions 1
Brooke Murphy Neurodivergent Women in ‘Clouded Judgment’ Unconscionability Cases — An Intersectional Feminist Perspective 37
Alex Steel, Natalie Skead, Kate Galloway, Mary Heath, Anne Hewitt and Mark Israel Enabling Professional Development for Sessional Colleagues in Law: Reflections from the Smart Casual Online Initiative 65
Judy Cashmore, Patrick Parkinson and Alan Taylor Trends in Prosecutions for Child Sexual Abuse in South Australia 1992-2012 99
Amanda Whitfort Justice and the Vulnerable: Extending the Duty to Prevent Serious Crimes Against Children to the Protection of Agricultural and Research Animals 125
Kent Blore Lindsay v The Queen:Homicide and the Ordinary Person at the Juncture of Race and Sexuality 159
Paul Babie and Joshua Neoh A Statement on Inclusive Law and Religion 203
James Morgan Offences Against the Person and Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Aubrey v The Queen (2017) 260 CLR 305 207
Jemma Potezny ’Extreme Circumstances’ Leave Public Service Employees Silent and Uncertain:Chief of Defence Force v Gaynor (2017) 246 FCR 298 217

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