The Adelaide Dental School 1917 to 2017

Dental History cover

By James Rogers, Grant Townsend and Tasman Brown

FREE | 2018 | Ebook (PDF) | 978-1-925261-74-5 | 414 pp


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The Adelaide Dental School has built a proud history over a period of 100 years, gaining a reputation as one of the world's top dental schools. This book records some of the key events that have shaped the School's excellence in teaching and research, whilst also exploring the lives of some of the personalities who have driven change within the School. In addition, the book considers both the future of dental education as well as likely developments in dental research and practice, and the way these two things are linked. The book also contains three chapters in which former students of the Dental School provide personal viewpoints of their education at the Adelaide Dental School. The final appendices contain a potpourri of archival material, including copies of documents and examples of lecture notes and examination papers. As a whole, this book provides both a record of the key achievements that have made the School what it is today and an insight into what the next 100 years may hold for the School.