Imagining Law

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Essays in Conversation with Judith Gardam

edited by Dale Stephens and Paul Babie

FREE | 2016 | Ebook (PDF) | 978-1-925261-31-8 | 332 pp


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By any measure, Judith Gardam has accomplished much in her professional life and is rightly acknowledged by scholars throughout the world as an expert in her many fields of diverse interest — including international law, energy law and feminist theory. This book celebrates her academic life and work with twelve essays from leading scholars in Gardam’s fields of expertise.

‘It has been fifty‑five years since astronaut Yuri Gagarin passed over Perth in his Vostok spacecraft, sparking the imagination of a young woman who at that moment felt part of something much bigger than herself. Judith deploys an idea of “otherness” in her work, drawing upon this earliest experience to promote in law the idea of global interconnectedness, which Gagarin saw physically when he peered through the window of his tiny spacecraft. As Gagarin looked down and saw further over the horizon of the Earth than any person ever had, Judith was looking back up into that same April night sky. She saw then, and continues to see, further over the horizon of human potential than most other people. Where others see only limits in humanity, she saw, and sees, unlimited possibility.’

From the 'Introduction' by Dale Stephens and Paul Babie