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The Joseph Fisher Lectures

edited by Kym Anderson


FREE | 2009 | Electronic (PDF) | 978-0-9806723-5-0 | 598 pp | (vol. 1)

FREE | 2012 | Electronic (PDF) | 978-1-922064-43-1 | 705 pp | (vol. 2)

Volume 2 is an updated version. It was first published in 2009.

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DOI (Vol. 2):

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This two-volume collection brings together the first 56 Joseph Fisher Lectures in economics and commerce, presented at the Adelaide University every other year since 1904. Funds for the Lectures, together with a medal for the top accounting student each year, were kindly provided by a £1,000 endowment to the University by the prominent Adelaide businessman Joseph Fisher in 1903.

The Lectures address a wide range of Australian economic issues, in addition to numerous international economic issues of national significance. They have stood the test of time extremely well, while also providing a reminder of the events and concerns that were prominent at different times during the past 110 years.

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