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SIDS — Sudden infant and early childhood death

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SIDS Sudden infant and early childhood death:

The past, the present and the future

edited by Jhodie R. Duncan and Roger W. Byard  

March 2018 (free PDF edition), April 2018 (paperback)

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  • Chapter Details

    1. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Definitions
    Roger W Byard

    2. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: An Overview
    Jhodie R Duncan and Roger W Byard

    3. Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood: An Overview
    Elisabeth A Haas

    4. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: History
    Leanne Rave

    5. Responding to Unexpected Child Deaths
    Peter Sidebotham, David Marshall and Joanna Garstang

    6. The Role of Death Review Committees
    Sharyn Watts

    7. Parental Perspectives
    Joanna Garstang

    8. Parental Grief
    Richard D Goldstein

    9. Promoting Evidence-Based Public Health Recommendations to Support Reductions in Infant and Child Mortality: The Role of National Scientific Advisory Groups
    Jeanine Young

    10. Risk Factors and Theories
    Rachel Y Moon and Fern R Hauck

    11. Shared Sleeping Surfaces and Dangerous Sleeping Environments
    Jeanine Young and Rebecca Shipstone

    12. Preventive Strategies for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
    Peter Sidebotham, Francine Bates, Catherine Ellis and Lucy Lyus

    13. The Epidemiology of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths: Diagnostic Shift and other Temporal Changes
    Carrie K Shapiro-Mendoza, Sharyn Parks, Alexa Erck Lambert, Lena Camperlengo, Carri Cottengim and Christine Olson

    14. Future Directions in Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy Research
    Heather E Jeffery

    15. Observational Investigations from England: The CESDI and SWISS Studies
    Peter S Blair, Anna S Pease and Peter J Fleming

    16. An Australian Perspective
    Jane Freemantle and Louise Ellis

    17. A South African Perspective
    Johan J Dempers, Elsie H Burger, Lorraine Du Toit-Prinsloo and Janette Verster

    18. A United Kingdom Perspective
    Joanna J Garstang and Anna S Pease

    19. A United States Perspective
    Kawai O Tanabe and Fern R Hauck

    20. A Scandinavian Perspective
    Torleiv Ole Rognum, Åshild Vege, Arne Stray-Pedersen and Lillian Bøylestad

    21. Neonatal Monitoring: Prediction of Autonomic Regulation at 1 Month from Newborn Assessments
    Michael M Myers, Nina Burtchen, Maria Ordonez Retamar, Maristella Lucchini and William P Fifer

    22. Autonomic Cardiorespiratory Physiology and Arousal of the Fetus and Infant
    Rosemary SC Horne

    23. The Role of the Upper Airway in SIDS and Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths and the Importance of External Airway-Protective Behaviors
    Bradley T Thach

    24. The Autopsy and Pathology of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
    Roger W Byard

    25. Natural Diseases Causing Sudden Death in Infancy and Early Childhood
    Victoria A Bryant and Neil J Sebire

    26. Brainstem Neuropathology in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
    Fiona M Bright, Robert Vink and Roger W Byard

    27. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Sleep, and the Physiology and Pathophysiology of the Respiratory Network
    Jan-Marino Ramirez, Sanja C Ramirez and Tatiana M Anderson

    28. Neuropathology of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Hypothalamus
    Karen A Waters, Nicholas J Hunt and Rita Machaalani

    29. Abnormalities of the Hippocampus in Sudden and Unexpected Death in Early Life
    Hannah C Kinney, Robin L Haynes, Dawna D Armstrong and Richard D Goldstein

    30. Cytokines, Infection, and Immunity
    Siri Hauge Opdal

    31. The Genetics of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
    Catherine A Brownstein, Annapurna Poduri, Richard Goldstein and Ingrid A Holm

    32. Biomarkers of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Risk and SIDS Death
    Robin L Haynes

    33. Animal Models: Illuminating the Pathogenesis of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
    Aihua Li, Robert A Darnall, Susan Dymecki and James C Leiter

This volume covers aspects of sudden infant and early childhood death, ranging from issues with parental grief, to the most recent theories of brainstem neurotransmitters. It also deals with the changes that have occurred over time with the definitions of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), SUDI (sudden unexpected death in infancy) and SUDIC (sudden unexpected death in childhood).

The text will be indispensable for SIDS researchers, SIDS organisations, paediatric pathologists, forensic pathologists, paediatricians and families, in addition to residents in training programs that involve paediatrics. It will also be of use to other physicians, lawyers and law enforcement officials who deal with these cases, and should be a useful addition to all medical examiner/forensic, paediatric and pathology departments, hospital and university libraries on a global scale. Given the marked changes that have occurred in the epidemiology and understanding of SIDS and sudden death in the very young over the past decade, a text such as this is very timely and is also urgently needed.

The AMAZON EDITION has been made available for readers outside Australia as a separate edition in black and white with Figures 24.2 and 24.3 abridged. All readers have access to the full-colour FREE PDF.

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