Whose history?

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Engaging history students through historical fiction

by Grant Rodwell

FREE | 2013 | Ebook (PDF) | 978-1-922064-50-9 | 280 pp

DOI: https://doi.org/10.20851/whose-history

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Somebody once quipped that any work of Australian historical fiction is a ‘burning fuse’, travelling over decades through Australian culture and society. In some manner, every newly published Australian historical novel is connected to what it has preceded. Each work belongs to a proud history. Through multiple examples, Grant Rodwell encourages readers to see how a work of historical fiction has evolved. Thus, under various themes, Whose History? examines the traditions in Australian historical fiction, and ponders how Australian historical novels can engage teachers and student teachers.

Whose History? aims to illustrate how historical novels and their related genres may be used as an engaging teacher/learning strategy for student teachers in pre-service teacher education courses. It does not argue all teaching of History curriculum in pre-service units should be based on the use of historical novels as a stimulus, nor does it argue for a particular percentage of the use of historical novels in such courses. It simply seeks to argue the case for this particular approach, leaving the extent of the use of historical novels used in History curriculum units to the professional expertise of the lecturers responsible for the units.