The University of Adelaide has a long and proud history of collaboration with Australia’s defence sector.

Over many years, the University has worked extensively with both the Department of Defence and defence industry in a variety of ways including in an advisory capacity, as a research partner, and as an organisation that produces high quality graduates ready for work in the defence sector.  The University has developed relationships with the Defence Science and Technology Group, and the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG), a unique collaboration between Defence, industry and academia.

These partnerships bring together world-class researchers, supported by modern infrastructure and an innovative culture, to make a real difference to our nation’s economic prosperity and national security.

Meet the Director

Professor Michael Webb joined the University of Adelaide in July 2008 where he is currently Director, Defence and Security, and Deputy Director (Defence) at the Centre for Defence Communications and Information Networking (CDCIN).

Michael has a PhD in physics (millimetre wave optics) from the University of St Andrews and a Master’s in mathematical psychology from the University of Adelaide.

Prior to working in academia, Michael worked in the Defence Science and Technology Organisation, now known as the Defence Science and Technology Group, for more than 20 years.  While at DST Group he led research in: over-the-horizon and microwave radar; signals intelligence; and command & control.  Michael received the Australian Operational Service Medal (Iraq and ICAT) for his leadership of a mixed military and civilian team in the evaluation of the deployed Defence communications capability in the Middle-East Area of Operations during 2006.

Since moving into the university sector, Michael has led and contributed to a diverse range of applied research including: development of a C3 stress modelling methodology for application to Special Forces missions and Australia’s Joint Amphibious Capability; development of an information architecture for Australia’s highly dispersed Electronic Warfare capability; technology forecasting for Australia’s Special Forces; development of a prototype Strategic Common Picture (STRATCP) for Defence’s Strategic Command Group; as well as the development of a number of decision support and modelling applications in Defence communications.  In 2014 Michael received an award for excellence for his contribution to enhancing the safety of Australia’s deployed troops by quantifying the electromagnetic interference experienced by improvised explosive device detectors.

Michael’s current research interests include: proactive cyber security employing a security-by-design philosophy and exploiting recent advances in Software Defined Network and formal methods; operational modelling of complex military systems; and beam-forming antennas at mm-wave and THz wavelengths.

Defence capabilities

Defence capabilities

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“Australia will have tremendous opportunities for greater prosperity and development over the coming decades, but at the same time will face complex security challenges and greater uncertainty in our strategic environment… The Indo-Pacific is in a period of unprecedented transformation as the distribution of economic and political power shifts to our region.” - 2016 Defence White Paper

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