Established in 1883, Roseworthy has rich archives of images, magazines and oral histories that have been listed here for your reference.

  • Student magazines

    The Roseworthy Student magazine was produced under joint direction of current students and the Old Collegians' Association. It contains information about College staff and students as well as a wide range of educational, agricultural and other extracurricular activities. The magazine has been digitised in a joint project supported by the State Library of South Australia and the University Archives Volunteer Group.

    Digitised versions of the Student Magazines can be accessed through the University Archives database.

  • Graduate lists

    This document was compiled and produced by the Roseworthy Old Collegians' Association in cooperation with the University of Adelaide Archives.

    For an introduction to this list and information on how to use it, please consult the preface.

    Please consult the key to find abbreviations of courses offered 1883-2005.

    Graduates 1886-2005

    Graduates 2006-2010