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Papers Relevant to Explicitly Developing Student Research Skills

Chanock, K. (2004). Introducing students to the culture of enquiry in an Arts degree. Sydney: Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia. (Undergraduate; arts).

Chaplin, S. (2003). Guided development of independent inquiry in an anatomy/physiology laboratory. Advances in Physiology Education 27(1-4), 230-40. (Undergraduate; anatomy and physiology). The final publication is available from NCBI.

Hathaway, R., Nagda, B., & Gregerman, S. (2002). The relationship of undergraduate research participation to graduate and professional education pursuit: an empirical study. Journal of College Student Development, 43(5), 614-631. (Undergraduate to graduate; multidisciplinary). The final publication is available from ResearchGate.

Ishiyama, J. (2002). Does early participation in undergraduate research benefit social science and humanities students? College Student Journal, 36(3), 380-386. (Undergraduate; social science and humanities). The final publication is available from EBSCOhost.

Lopatto, D. (2004). Survey of undergraduate research experiences (SURE): first findings. Cell Biology Education, 3(4), 270-277. (Undergraduate; sciences). The final publication is available from Life Sciences Education.

Luckie, D., Maleszewski, J., Loznak, S., & Krha, M. (2004). Infusion of collaborative inquiry throughout a biology curriculum increases student learning: a four-year study of ‘Teams and Streams. Advances in Physiology Education, 28(4), 199-209. (Undergraduate; biology). The final publication is available from NCBI.

Seymour, E., Hunter, A., Laursen, S., & Deantoni, T. (2004). Establishing the benefits of research experiences for undergraduates in the sciences: first findings from a three-year study. Science Education, 88(4), 493-534. (Undergraduate; sciences). The final publication is available from Wiley.

The Boyer Commission on Educating Undergraduates in the Research University (1998). Reinventing undergraduate education: a blueprint for America's research universities. New York: Stony Brook. (Undergraduate; education).

If you are aware of other papers or resources that would contribute to this list, please contact John Willison.

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