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International Conference on
Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching

I-MELT: International conference on Models of Engaged Learning & Teaching

Into the sMELTer: Workshop 2, Chad Habel in the Vines- capped at 36

Envisioning the Future of Research-based Curriculum Design Using Lego Serious Play

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Short papers and abstracts arranged by conference theme
Full program with abstracts for keynotes, presentations, posters and workshops.

I-MELT will be a meeting place of minds sharing a common conceptualisation that engages students and educator in many diverse ways, contexts and cultural settings. The conference will use the Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching as the conceptual frameworks for our shared conversations, and so all presentations will use, adapt, connect together or critique one or more of the following:

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    Research Skill Development Framework

    The Research Skill Development framework is used by educators to make the processes of research-based learning explicit to students in content-rich curricula.

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    Optimising Problem Solving

    Optimising Problem Solving Pentagon was devised by student-tutors for direct use with First year Engineering students.

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    Research Mountain

    Research Mountain is a song that mirrors the six facets in common across all the Models for Engaged Learning and Teaching, but is suited to 5 and 6 year old children.

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    Clinical Reflection Skills

    The Clinical Reflection Skills framework is particularly suited to clinical environments in which student professional learning is mediated by their effective reflective practice.

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    Work Skill Development

    The Work Skill Development framework is to put stakeholders involved in Work Integrated Learning, including academics, employers and students on the same page.

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    Critical Thinking

    The Critical Thinking pentagon is being ‘Beta-tested’: it uses the same six facets as the other MELT, however, places ‘Evaluate and Reflect’ at the heart of the enterprise.

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    Researcher Skill Development: RSD7

    The Researcher Skill Development framework- or RSD 7 for short- extends the original RSD so that it places First year and Professor on the same research continuum.

The MELT family includes the frameworks for:

  • Research Skill Development (RSD and RSD7),
  • Work Skill Development (WSD),
  • Clinical Reflection Skills (CRS),
  • Critical Thinking Skills (CTS),
  • Optimising Problem Solving (OPS) pentagon,
  • Research Mountain (for children), and
  • Your own MELT, adapted to fit your contexts

I-MELT is supported by the Australian Government, Department of Education and Training through John Willison's National Senior Teaching Fellowship.

Creative Commons LicenseAll material on the I-MELT site is under the creative commons licence, to be used freely and shared back in free open access.

International Conference on Models of Engaged Learning & Teaching
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