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How Can I MELT?

A good start is to look at various MELT and to determine which one is most appropriate for your context. Proceedings from the recent I-MELT 2017 conference are an excellent source of inspiration. They showcase the already broad application of MELT frameworks across multiple contexts, including

Then consider changes that need to be made to the terminology and to the layout. Capturing the main point of the framework as a new title is particularly challenging, but essential for communication. People particularly find the MELT pentagon in word version a very helpful starting point.

The implementation of your MELT should be kept in mind during its development, and looking at various approaches to use in teaching, learning and assessment is recommended:

MELT Stories

Discipline-specific stories from academics who have used the MELT in their teaching practice.

The MELToon

The MELToon was developed by a colleague whose PhD concerned the use of cartoons in education. It may give you a different angle on how to MELT.

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