Early Intervention Group Membership

The Early Intervention Group (EIG) consists of the following members:

  1. Manager, Student Affairs, or nominee (Convener)
  2. Director, Student Life, or nominee
  3. Associate Director, Legal Services, Legal and Risk, or nominee
  4. Student Affairs Officer, or nominee
  5. Student Affairs Support Officer, or nominee (Secretary)

The Convener will also co-opt members from other areas of the University to provide information and advice, according to the specific circumstances of the incident. These may include:

  • Executive Dean, Head of School or Discipline, or Senior Administrator in relevant academic area(s)
  • Director, Adelaide Graduate Research School
  • Education and Welfare Officers
  • Manager, International Student Support
  • Additional staff members of the relevant Faculty, School, Discipline or administrative area
  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor Research Operations
  • Security Services

In cases where the student concerned is also a staff member, his or her supervisor/manager and/or the relevant Human Resources representative will also be co-opted to the Group.

The EIG can also seek professional advice from external experts, such as general practitioners, nurses, mental health care professionals, SAPOL and the Mental Health Triage Service (MHTS).

Where a medical condition underpins the behaviour of concern, the Convenor may seek input from the treating practitioner if appropriate.