Grounds for Assessment Grievances

Valid reasons for requesting a review or re-mark

To assist you in making your request for a review or remark, here are some examples of valid assessment grievances:

  • The mark or grade was not based on the specified assessment methods provided as part of the course profile.
  • A piece of work submitted, on time, was incorrectly assessed as a late submission and thus not marked or given ac compromised mark as a consequence of being submitted late.
  • Your progress in the course was disadvantaged because feedback was not provided in accordance with the assessment for coursework programs policy.
  • The assessor demonstrated bias against you, which affected your mark or grade. This grievance allegation must be supported by evidence of specific instances.
  • An error occurred in calculating the final mark or grade.
  • The assessor’s written feedback is inconsistent with the final grade.
  • The standard applied to marking your piece of assessment was incorrect.

Invalid reasons for requesting a review or re-mark

The following will not be accepted as reasons for a review or remark:

  • personal or medical problems – these must be dealt with through deferred assessment in accord with the procedures for supplementary assessment.
  • financial or other implications of failing a course.
  • the need for additional marks to get a pass or higher grade for the course.
  • dissatisfaction with the grade or mark awarded.
  • a study overload.
  • a grade inconsistent to those received by you in other courses.

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Student Grievance Resolution Process (SGRP)


Any enquiries regarding the Student Grievance Resolution Process (SGRP) can be directed to the Student Grievance and Conduct Advisors.

Contact a Student Grievance and Conduct Advisor