Preliminary Assessment of Appeal Application

Student Grievance and Conduct Advisors in Student Affairs have the authority to conduct a preliminary assessment of the merits of your appeal and may request additional information and supporting documents to help them assess your appeal.

In conducting a preliminary assessment, Student Affairs will consider the following:

  • Your submitted appeal application (including whether you have appropriately signed and dated the form).
  • The decision or action that you are appealing against, and the grounds on which you seek a re-consideration of the stage 2: Formal Review decision.
  • The appeal outcome(s) that you seek or would be satisfied with.
  • A chronology of key events with relevant supporting documentation provided in your appeal submission.
  • Compliance with key time-frames.
  • Evidence of your adherence to the SGRP Stages 1 and 2 (including whether you have received and attached notification of a Stage 2: Formal Review outcome).
  • The basis of your appeal (i.e. the reason/s for the appeal).
  • The grounds on which the appeal is based (including reference to alleged breaches of University policy and/or procedure).
  • Any evidence to support the grounds of your appeal and assertions made .
  • Any other documentation relevant to your appeal.
  • Any advice you received from an Education and Welfare Officer, Student Counsellor, Disability Advisor or International Student Advisor.
  • Any other information relevant to your appeal.

In some instances, it may be necessary for an investigation to be conducted by another area of the University in order to clarify or substantiate assertions made in your appeal.

In such instances, Student Affairs will ensure that the you are made aware of this and will keep you up-to-date with any progress. For example, a student who claims their mark has been impacted by unfair treatment may have their allegation referred to the Student Behaviour and Conduct Committee.

  • If more information is required

    If in conducting a preliminary assessment, student affairs determines that more information is required before your appeal can be progressed you will be notified by email and asked to submit additional information within 10 business days or such further time as may be mutually agreed between student affairs and you.

    As a result, you may respond and email additional information, as requested, in the required format within the specified time frame.

  • If additional information is not provided, or you do not respond

    If you do not respond to a request for additional information, or are unable or unwilling to provide additional requested information, within the time-frame specified, your appeal will lapse (time-out) and the student grievance and appeals committee will not be convened to conduct a hearing into your appeal.

    You will be advised by student affairs, in writing, if your appeal will not proceed.

  • If a preliminary assessment determines an application has merit

    If after conducting a preliminary assessment, student affairs determines your appeal application has merit, you and the respondent (e.g. Executive Dean, Head of School or delegate) named in your appeal, will be provided with a copy of your appeal submission (excluding any confidential information sent from an education and welfare officer, student counselor or disability advisor unless express consent has been granted for its release).

    If the respondent named in your appeal determines your appeal is lacking substance, i.e. that:

    • it is unsubstantiated or unverifiable.
    • it is misconceived.
    • it is not made in good faith, or
    • it contains demonstrably false or misleading information.

    The respondent may ask to have your appeal submission reviewed before it goes to a Student Grievance and Appeals Committee hearing.

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