Find your pathway to confidence by building your academic writing skills

With Lara, Bachelor of Health & Medical Sciences undergraduate

Some people assume that if you are new to university, you should know what academic writing is. But the reality is that very few people are prepared — it's a skillset you need to keep developing.

Become better at writing
If you want to become a better writer, the Learning Advisors at the Writing Centre can help you do this. Instead of checking assignments, they help you become a more experienced writer.

The Learning Advisors don't expect you to come in with a complete draft, as they will guide you through what you have and help you understand what you already know — because you know a lot more than you think.

Support for your learning style
Learning is a unique experience for each individual, and our Learning Advisors recognise that. They will tailor their approach to meet you at your current skill level and work with you to progress from there. For example, those who retain information better by seeing it may be directed to watch YouTube videos. The Writing Centre website also contains resources that includes writing guides and essay writing modules.

Making my first appointment was hard because I felt vulnerable about my dyslexia and letting someone else read my writing. However, during the appointment I felt safe because the Learning Advisor talked about what I had done right and provided me with strategies to improve. Sometimes I've thought I was going to the Writing Centre to get help on an essay when it turns out that I just needed someone to believe in me. 

Make an appointment
The Writing Centre offers one-on-one consultations that run for 30 minutes. You can make a booking on the website. They also offer drop-in sessions on Mondays from 12 pm to 2 pm.

If face-to-face is a little too daunting, there is the option to meet on Zoom and start building your skillsets online until you feel more comfortable coming in and sitting down with someone. Zoom drop-in sessions are also available on Tuesdays 1 pm to 3 pm.

Lara a student who has accessed the writing centre
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