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Staff and students can submit announcements and events to Student News.


Submission guidelines

Announcements can be submitted using the Student News submission form below.

Types of announcements:

  • Events on campus
  • Careers and employability
  • Jobs and volunteering opportunities 
  • Scholarships
  • Internships
  • Clubs and societies
  • University services for students
  • Program information sessions
  • Study tips and tools
  • Study tours
  • Policy updates
  • Maintenance and construction works alerts
  • I.T. updates

Submissions of over 100 words may be edited to reduce the word count.

If the announcement requires significant editing, the author may be contacted and asked to rewrite the announcement or to provide further information.

Photos and images are encouraged and can be submitted. If you do not submit a picture, we may do this on your behalf.

Links to websites or PDF files are encouraged.

Your submission may be declined. If this happens, we will contact you.

Announcements should be submitted using the submission form below.

Events that are driven or supported by the University of Adelaide will be considered for the Events section in Student News.

The Student News email displays events 4 weeks ahead of the publication date. Therefore, if the email publication date is 8 September 2023, events up until 6 October 2023 are displayed. On the Student News website, events are published within 5 business days.

Please note: All submissions are evaluated to ensure they meet University event guidelines before being posted. Submission does not guarantee that events will be listed.

Events should be submitted using the submission form below.

Student News is published fortnightly on a Friday and pauses during mid-year break and at the end of the year. The submission deadline is 5 pm Tuesday of the same week prior to publishing on Friday.

Please view our final submission and publication dates below.

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20 February 23 February
5 March 8 March
19 March 22 March
2 April 5 April
16 April 19 April
30 April 3 May
14 May 17 May
28 May 31 May
11 June 14 June
25 June 28 June
23 July 26 July
6 August 9 August
20 August 23 August
3 September 6 September
17 September 20 September
1 October 4 October
15 October 18 October
29 October 1 November
12 November 15 November

The Student News website has a standard set of image sizes. You have the option to submit your images in these standard sizes. By submitting your image in one of our standard sizes, the image will fill the entire frame.

Standard sizes:

  • Landscape / Horizontal – 1166 x 875px (30 x 23cm)
  • Portrait / Vertical – 920 x 1380px (24 x 36cm)
  • Banner – 2592 x 864px (68 x 23cm)

If your image is not one of our standard sizes, our team will ensure it is formatted to best fit.

Got a question about this? Please email us for more information:

To submit or propose a feature story, please email us at

Feature stories should focus on the following themes and topics:

  • Opportunities for students
  • Issues directly affecting students
  • University academic and personal services
  • Community days

The word count for feature stories should be no longer than 400-500 words. Video stories are also welcome.

The fortnightly editions of Student News will be on hiatus for the mid-year break. The next edition is scheduled for Friday July 26.

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