Introducing your Faculty Student Success Team

Did you know that each of the three Faculties at the University of Adelaide has a Student Success Team to help you navigate the requirements of your program, balance study-life challenges and succeed in your studies?

Student Success Teams make things happen behind the scenes!

The teams are made of Student Support Officers and Student Success Advisors who can help with just about any of your current program study-related matters including:

  • Program advice, course-specific information, and academic progress advice
  • Enrolment advice, choosing/changing a major, and study plan development
  • Enrolment errors (e.g. timetable clashes)
  • Unit overload requests
  • Adding courses after the deadline
  • Credit application for previously completed study
  • Leave of absence requests
  • Discontinuation of studies
  • Degree/graduation checks

And where we can’t help you ourselves, we’ll put you in touch with someone who can.

Be successful at University!

To be successful at University you will need to manage your schedule and workload, and meet the requirements of the Academic Rules for your Program.

The best way to stay on track and ensure you complete the right courses is to follow a study plan.  You can find your study plan, and major, minor and elective options here:

Study Plans - Health and Medical Sciences Faculty

Study Plans - Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology

Study Plans - Faculity of Arts, Business, Law & Economics

This is a great way to get you started with your first-year enrolments, but if you have any complicating issues, or just want to check you’ve got it right, then request a personalised study plan/degree check via the request form on your faculty website.

Have fun!

A key element of success is to enjoy what you’re doing.  So, immerse yourself into your university experience!  Attend classes on campus, join clubs, attend functions and events.  This is a great way to make life-long friends, transferrable skills, and future professional networks.

Top 3 tips for Student Success!

  1. Check and stay on track with your study plan at every enrolment period.  If in doubt, request a personalised study plan.
  2. Check your student emails often!  All communication from the university comes to your student email account, so please check this regularly.
  3. Ask for help.  That’s what we’re here for!

Life happens!

If you find your struggling or need to change your plans for whatever reason, or need assistance with anything, please reach out to your Student Success Team.  If we can’t help you ourselves, we’ll help you find someone who can.

  • Phone or drop in 10-4pm Monday to Friday
  • Email anytime via the contact enquiry form on our website
  • Book an appointment for a 1:1 student success meeting

Reach out to your Student Success Team here

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