Reflections on Reconciliation

image of Talara

My name is Talara McHugh and I’m a third-year Media student.

People often try to guess where I’m from and are surprised when I tell them about my mixed Indigenous, Irish, and Austrian heritage.

I have always taken pride in my cultures and grew up between two worlds; learning about my Narungga and Ngarrindjeri culture while also being brought up in a predominantly white, Western city away from my country.

I have always been surrounded by an assortment of cultures and have fond memories of listening to my maternal grandfather's stories about our Narungga culture and my paternal grandmother showing me pictures of her village in Austria.

My extended family is even more diverse with an assortment of First Nations, European and Asian cultures blending to make up our family tree.

Growing up surrounded by different cultures, National Reconciliation Week resonates with me as a time of coming together, healing and taking pride in who we are.

For me, this week is a time to reflect on our country’s past and come together as a community to seek truth, justice, forgiveness, and healing.

Reconciliation is an ongoing journey for every one of us to acknowledge and remedy past wrongs to bridge the gap between First Nations and Non-Indigenous Australians which is something I am immensely passionate about.

This year’s theme is ‘Be a Voice for Generations,’ and I encourage you all to take time to listen to First Nations voices and make space for them to share their wisdom, perspectives, and experiences.

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