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This week the Vice-Chancellor launched our very own sustainability strategy, reaffirming our dedication to providing sustainable and socially responsible solutions that benefit ecosystems, governments, industries, and communities.

We're charging ahead with an ambitious goal to accelerate decarbonisation efforts right within our campus! By 2025, we're aiming to achieve net zero emissions from our directly controlled operations. And that's not all—by 2030, we're determined to go even further and become carbon neutral, aligning with the Australian Government's Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard for Organizations.

Our actionable targets

A net zero world Research with impact

We will accelerate decarbonisation efforts within our campus footprint by reducing emissions sources and updating policies, procedures, and practices.

Target: Net zero emissions from directly controlled operations by 2025 and carbon neutral as per the Australian Government's Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard for Organisations by 2030.

South Australia’s leading research-intensive institution, we will continue and accelerate sustainable transitions with investment in research that has measurable sustainability impact.

Target: Year-on-year increase in the number of sustainability research Programs, projects and publications.

Sustainability education for all Value-led performance and leadership

Every graduate of the University of Adelaide will be sustainability literate and able to influence sustainable change in their chosen professions.

Target: Embed sustainability in the graduate attributes and teaching in Programs across the University by 2028.

A sustainable culture will be achieved through recognition and performance processes at all levels, including rewarding team-based work and transdisciplinary sustainability research.

Target: Inclusion of a sustainability value to the Staff Values & Behaviour Framework by 2024.

A social-good consulting experience The Sustainability Challenge Initiative

Collaborate with partners to provide students with opportunities to experience consulting for clients on projects that support sustainable transitions.

Target: Establish a new sustainability and social-good student consulting experience by 2025.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in a university-wide online Sustainability Challenge simulation to solve real-world sustainability problems.

Target: Provide an online Sustainability Challenge simulation tool from 2025 onwards.

Responsible investment Broadcast sustainability

We commit to responsible investment by applying strong environmental, social, and governance principles across investments.

Target: Divest from direct ownership and any commingled funds that include public equities and corporate bonds of companies whose primary business is the ownership and exploitation of fossil fuel reserves by the end of 2024. For this purpose, “primary business” refers to a 10% revenue threshold

Our journey will be brought to life on campus through living laboratories and immersive learning experiences.

Target: Develop, promote, and maintain an online portal to map academic projects and partnerships to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2024.


Visit the Sustainability website to learn more about Here for Good.

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