How to find Scholarships using the UoA website

Ever have that looming feeling that you’ve just blown your budget … again? What budget, I hear you ask. It’s hard to budget when your income changes as frequently as finding yourself napping in Barr Smith.

But what if there was a tool you could use during your university years to help lower the cost of tuition fees, get more free time back, and up your resume game for that graduate job?

Many students have benefitted from receiving money and in some cases, work experience by taking the time to apply for scholarships. Luckily, our University can help you access scholarships so you can focus on your studies and enjoy them more.

When to look for scholarships

Applying for scholarships is all about timing.

Don’t wait until your hours at work are reduced. Search for scholarships when they open for applications each year in January and June instead of being unprepared for whatever life throws your way. You may only have a few months to apply before the closing date, so make haste!

How to search for a scholarship

It's easy to find scholarships using the website. To give you the best chance of finding scholarships, follow the steps.

Step 1. Visit

Step 2. Broaden your search by picking items from the drop-down menus.

Step 3: Click the red Search button.

Tip: filtering by Scholarships Open and Closed lets you know when a scholarship will be available for applications so you can make a reminder to go back and apply later.

Tip: set a reminder in your phone about when to look on the website.

Read the requirements

You can find scholarships to assist with your situation, including academic performance, financial need, and relocation support.

Scholarships need you to meet certain requirements, just like when you applied for university.

For example, to be considered for an academic scholarship there might be a minimum GPA average, whereas financial assistance scholarships can require a Centrelink statement to verify financial need.

“Don't count yourself out. It's really easy to look at a scholarship application and be really intimidated by the size of it, the questions they're asking, and the types of things they're looking for. Particularly when you're looking at prestigious scholarships or scholarships asking you to demonstrate academic prowess. But don't let that scare you! Every person has something unique and valuable to offer, so make sure you show the person reading your application what it is about you that makes you worth investing in. Tell them a story about who you are and you never know how far it might get you. As the old adage goes: you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. So, don't let your doubt get in the way of where you want to go.”Shannon, Media Honours


Tips to ace your application:
  • Allocate time to look for scholarships and apply, just like you would for study
  • Calculate how much time you will need to get documents for your application as many scholarships need evidence of your situation, such as Centrelink payments
  • Give the person reading your application a compelling reason to consider you for the scholarship, this means providing details and not just one-word answers
  • You know how to proofread an essay, and scholarship applications are no different - make sure you have answered all the questions with as much detail as possible - clearly and succinctly.
  • Check the scholarship conditions ... carefully. Emphasis on careful because each application has different conditions and you want to submit knowing you've got the best chance.
  • Finally, if you think you may be eligible, apply!
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