Student Printing Info

Costs and quotas

All printing is monitored and charged against your account. Printing costs are dependent on the type of printing required.

You must have sufficient quota for the job you intend to print.

  • University & Faculty/School funded quota

    University funded quota

    Each year there are two printing periods:

    • Printing Period 1 - 1st January to 30th June
    • Printing Period 2 - 1st July to 31st December.

    Undergraduate and Postgraduate Coursework students will be provided with a University funded quota of $18.00 for each printing period. It will be applied to your account within the first week of the commencement of each period. Any unused University quota from a previous printing period will not be carried forward into the next period.

    Faculty/School funded quota

    Faculties/Schools may choose to contribute additional quota for their students. 

  • Self-funded quota

    If you have exhausted your University funded print quota and require more to continue with printing, you will be able to purchase self-funded print quota online. Please note self-funded quota is non-refundable.

    Your printing account will be updated immediately after the payment is verified and you will also be notified of your transaction via email.

    Please contact Ask Adelaide assistance with printing or payments.


  • Print faults & system maintenance

  • Printing costs

    Costs as of Monday 27th February, 2012

    Print type

    2012 Approved Rates

    A4/Black & White Single Sided

    8 Cents

    A4/Black & White Duplex

    16 Cents

    A3/Black & White Single Sided

    16 Cents

    A3/Black & White Duplex

    32 Cents

    A4/Colour Single Sided

    40 Cents

    A4/Colour Duplex

    80 Cents

    A3/Colour Single Sided

    80 Cents

    A3/Colour Duplex


    A4 Plotter


    A3 Plotter


    A2 Plotter


    A1 Plotter


    A0 Plotter


    Custom Plotter

    $0.0248 per sq inch

Student printing locations

The Student Printing Service applies to all students who print in the following monitored student computer suites:

  • Student printers

    Building Room
    115 Grenfell St 1105
    210 Grote St Ground
    AHMS Student Hub Level 3
    AHMS Student Hub Level 3
    Barr Smith Level 1
    Barr Smith Level 2
    Barr Smith Sth 1060 – corridor
    Barr Smith Sth 508
    Barr Smith Sth 538
    Barr Smith Sth Level 5
    Barr Smith Sth Level 5
    Bradford 207
    Braggs Level 3
    Braggs Level 4
    Eleanor Harrald 223
    Engineering Maths 105
    Engineering Maths 106
    Engineering Maths 109
    Engineering Maths G13
    Engineering Maths 211
    Engineering South S326C
    George Murray 207
    McLeod House Level 3
    Hartley G13
    Hughes 258
    Ingkarni Wardli B25
    Ingkarni Wardli G24
    Ingkarni Wardli Level 2 Print Room
    Ingkarni Wardli 461
    Johnson 111
    Ligertwood P1 Basement
    Ligertwood P2 Basement
    Lyell McEwin Hospital Level 2
    Mawson 129
    Mawson G12
    Medical School South S118
    Napier 106
    Napier 107
    Napier 202
    Nexus 10 G01
    Nexus 10 G14/16
    Nexus 10 129
    Nexus 10 101
    Nexus 10 103
    Nexus 10 207
    Nexus 10 217
    Nexus 10 228
    Nexus 10 220
    Queen Elizabeth Hospital Clinical Studies
    Roseworthy, Hall G20
    Roseworthy House 42 G6
    Roseworthy, Leske G12a
    Roseworthy, Eastick G11
    Santos 103
    Schulz 118
    Schulz 105
    Schulz 704
    St Andrew Hospital Level 2
    Waite, Charles Hawker 121


  • Hub printers

    Building Location
    Hub Central Hub L4 –1
    Hub Central Hub L4 –2
    Hub Central Hub L4 –3
    Hub Central Hub L3 –1
    Hub Central Hub L3 –2
    Hub Central Hub L3 –3


  • Public printers

    Building Location
    Woolshed Level 2
    Woolshed Level 1
    Eastick Ground
    Adelaide Dental Hospital Basement
    Barr Smith Library Level 1
    Barr Smith Library Level 2
    Barr Smith Library Level 2
    Barr Smith Library Level 3
    Barr Smith Library Level 3
    Barr Smith Library Level 3
    Ligertwood Ground
    Ligertwood Lower Ground
    Hartley Ground