About Transforming Culture

At the University of Adelaide, we are transforming our culture, to ensure our staff, students and community are engaged and supported in an inclusive and safe environment.

We are building a culture where everyone is respected, and feels welcome and motivated.

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The Transforming Culture program is contributing to a successful and productive workforce by enhancing leadership capability and integrity across all levels of our organisation.   

This diagram shows how all initiatives being implemented by the Transforming Culture Program, grouped across 7 workstreams, are delivering 3 key outcomes to contribute to a safe and inclusive culture for all. Members of the Vice Chancellor’s Group across the university oversee the progress being made against each Workstream.    

The Transforming Culture program

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KPMG Report

In 2021, KPMG Australia conducted a review of relevant policies and procedures and facilitated a consultation program focused on gaining insight into how the University's policies, procedures and processes relating to sexual assault and sexual harassment are applied, and the lived experience of interacting with them.

The KPMG Australia final report contains 22 Recommendations, which are being implemented through the work of the Transforming Culture Program. Regular reports on achievements and measures of success against these Recommendations are made to a Transforming Culture Program Board Chaired by Professor Katrina Falkner, and the University’s Risk and People and Culture Committees.

Each Recommendation is project managed to deliver against the 3 Transforming Culture Outcomes. Please visit the monthly blog for more detailed information about the status of each Recommendation project and other initiatives of Transforming Culture. 


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If you have a comment or query about the University's Transforming Culture Program, you can email transforming.culture@adelaide.edu.au