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Wine Economics Research Centre

Australian Grape and Wine Industry Database, 1843 to 2013

Our book entitled 'Growth and Cycles in Australia's Wine Industry: A Statistical Compendium, 1843 to 2013' is a compilation of annual data on the economic history of the development of the grape and wine industry in Australia. The e-book version may be downloaded free of charge from the University of Adelaide Press, where a hard copy also may be ordered.

The underlying data are available to freely download at the bottom of this page. Please acknowledge the database source as: Anderson, K. and N. Aryal, Australian Grape and Wine Industry Database, 1843 to 2013, Wine Economics Research Centre, University of Adelaide, February 2015.

An Executive Summary of Key Findings and the Introduction chapter ('Front pages') of the e-book, and nearly 100 summary charts, are available as three separate files from this webpage, as are the four sections of tables from the e-book in PDF and Excel formats, plus a more-detailed fifth section of tables of annual regional by varietal data from 1999 to 2013:

All front pages of e-book - lists of charts and tables, author's preface, statistical sources, technical notes, Executive Summary, four Chapters, and 86 Charts [pdf 197 pages, 3596KB]

Executive Summary of Key Findings - [pdf 28 pages, 475KB]

Charts following the narrative in front pages of e-book - [pdf 70 pages, 2600KB]

Detailed tables in e-book:

Section I. Grape and wine production, consumption and trade since 1843 [pdf 124 pages, 3145KB; Excel 1225KB]

Section II. Regional grape and wine developments from the late 20th century [pdf 120 pages, 2660KB; Excel 1320KB]

Section III. Winegrape varietal developments since the mid-1950s [pdf 94 pages, 2490KB; Excel 1085KB]

Section IV. Appendix of macroeconomic and international data since the early 1800s [pdf 67 pages, 1875KB; Excel 760KB]

Additional tables not in e-book:

Section V: Regional varietal area, production and price data, 1999 to 2013 [Excel 1300KB]