Dr Jonathan Opie

Senior Lecturer
Dr Jonathan Opie
  Org Unit Philosophy
  Email jonathan.opie@adelaide.edu.au
  Telephone +61 8 8313 3815
  Location Floor/Room 7 09 ,  Napier Building ,   North Terrace

Jon studied theoretical physics and then philosophy at Flinders University. After completing his PhD at Adelaide (thesis, Consciousness: A Connectionist Perspective) he took up an ARC Postdoc, before joining the teaching staff here. His primary research interests are in the philosophy of mind, cognitive science, and the philosophy of science. He was a member of the McDonnell Project in Philosophy and the Neurosciences.

Between 2008-2011 Jon headed an ARC Discovery project exploring the biological foundations of cognition. See the Cognitive Biology website for more information:


Jon teaches Mind and World, Introduction to LogicCognitive Science, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind, and Logic, Truth & Reason.

  • Neural Network Models of Cognition
  • Consciousness & Mental Representation
  • Biological Foundations of Cognition
  • Mechanistic Explanation
  • Reduction and Emergence
  • Theories of Perception

Edited Collection

  1. O'Brien, G & Opie, J (2002) Language and Thought: Philosophical Perspectives. Special issue of Language and Communication 22: 209-390

Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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Conference Paper
  1. Opie, J (2010) Levels and Explanations. In W. Christensen, E. Schier & J. Sutton (eds.) ASCS09: Proceedings of the 9th Conference of the Australasian Society for Cognitive Science. Sydney: Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Science.


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Book Reviews

  1. Opie, J (2006) The next step, or a misstep? Review of "Reconstructing the Cognitive World: The Next Step" by Michael Wheeler. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 10(4): 144-5
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